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Has anyone watched Altered Carbon, on Netflix?

Hope4Zoe 6 Feb 4

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Thanks for the Altered Carbon recommendation, I had looked at it. I gave a Black Mirror five stars, so if it’s that caliber, I’ll be happy. ??


Loved it. Requires an approach to reality that does not accept the self serving reality that has been programmed into our current existence.
Real isn't.
There is no real.
Real exists only to serve the capitalists that intercede between work and production.
Many offer their effort to better our society but the benefactors of this effort never lift a finger. Capitalism in America equals theft.
This is not an inherent truth but a consequence of contemporary reality. Resist. Reject. Revolt. Commit active suicide!
I refuse to offer myself as a slave to contemporary mercantilism. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity.

I like the way you think! I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I am not a commodity. I will divest from the war economy. I will resist, rise, persist, and . . . love.


Hell yeah! I had no idea that Purefoy was so hung!!!

That was a nice bit of a surprise.


yes, just another rip off of other sci fi themes, nothing new in its concept, so many other versions of the same credo,


I'm convinced. I'm going to have to soon as I get Netflix.


Started it today. I really like it so far. Have you started it?

Yes, I read the book when it first came out. Just found it on Netflix last night and binged watched five episodes.It's better than Electric on Prime (or is that HBO)?


I have watched the first two episodes. I'm saving the rest for a rainy day.

Me too, exactly, 2 episodes and I'll keep the rest for when I'm ready. I have to say, it's a bit like Bladerunner meets Blade meets about a dozen other sci fi movies and tv shows.


I'd have to get Netflix. But, then again, I'd have to actually get the free cable at my apartment hooked up. Been there over 2 years but I somehow can't seem to give a damn about it. Maybe that's a good idea for a discussion post🙂


I have, really good scifi.


Gonna make it my Sunday Night movie from Netflix (since that's all I have)! Thanks for the heads up.




Couple of episodes into it. I'm pleased so far.


Watching it. I think it's pretty good. Better than Electric Dreams (and I realize they are not that comparable).

I was really hoping for Electric to be better than it is.

@JohnPR1968 Yes, I was a wee bit disappointed in Electric as I'm a big PKD fan. But Altered Carbon makes up for it (Good sci-fi). Read the book when it first came out. Enjoyed it very much.

One episode of Electric and I was done.

I watched all of ED (not to be confused, LOL!) and I thought it was ok. Somewhat similar to Black Mirror (but also not as good as Altered Carbon, yet better than ED). Black Mirror and Electric Dreams are somewhat comparable because each episode is a stand-alone story whereas AC is a serial series. I am a pretty big Sci-fi/Fantasy fan so I like all of this stuff. Interestingly, Syfi (dumb) channel (formerly Sci-Fi, which actually makes sense), produced the remake of Battlestar Galactica, the cheesy show from the 80s (also good tho). IMHO, that is the best thing they have ever done. It's gritty, well acted, great cast, awesome FX. Just everything a Fanboy needs. LOL!

@IAMGROOT ED has some good concepts. Where did they go wrong?

@Hope4Zoe I see all of these episodes are based on PKD short stories written at over a long period of time. Maybe some of them just don't translate well to television? Maybe the production values just aren't as good as BM. Interestingly, Bryan Cranston exec produced the series (and starred in one of them). What I think it is for me, however, is that BM deals with unintended outcomes of the interaction of Humans with the technology we create. It's pretty believable. ED is pure sci-fi fantasy, and I love that, but I just found BM to be better. It just means I liked it better.


Yes! Three episodes in and I'm hooked.

Yeah, I binged watched five last night, at the expense of doing everything else that really mattered in my life.


Yes, I'm watching it now....actually have Netflix open to binge on it. I still don't know how I feel about it, other than that it's keeping my interest.

marga Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

Let me know when you know how you feel about it. Lots of food for thought about life, afterlife, souls, immortality, and class warfare, technology.

@Hope4Zoe Well, I've finished all the episodes. The concept--storing a human being on a digital "stack" and the rich controlling both life and death--is both horrifying and depressing to me. Having said that, I must admit that I found it interesting (because I know it's fiction, at least at the moment) and want to see more.


@Hope4Zoe, I watched the first episode this morning when I got ready for work. It was interesting and I'll keep watching. I tend to like dystopian stuff and I really like Joel Kinnaman (he was great in The Killing) & James Purefoy.

He was great inThe Killing. I like him, too. There's something nicely quirky and vulnerable about him. Did not like him in Robocop remake.

@Hope4Zoe I didn't see the Robocop remake (although I did see the original). I'll take your word for it. LOL


I will have to check it out. Had heard about it in passing.

If you're into sci-fi, you'll enjoy it.


Just started binging it. Interesting. Has strengths and weaknesses. Mostly enjoyable. I like it, don't love it.

It's like a candybar that's pretty good, but not amazing--in a wrapper that's just incredible: you can't complain, but you also can't help feeling oddly dissatisfied somehow...

I'm very hard to please with shows and movies, especially sci-fi; YMMV.

It does have its downfalls but it does have some food for thought, as I posted in another comment.


I will be. No spoilers!

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