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Best quote on facebook in awhile: "If you need an armed guard to practice freedom of religion, you don't have freedom of religion."

UrsiMajor 8 Oct 29

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I don't like the expression freedom of religion. Religions have no freedom, people do. People are free to gather and worship as long as they abide by societal law (secular society). If your religion contains human sacrifice for example, you are not free to practice that religion.
Would also point out religions tend to spread not through messages of peace and love, but via the end of a sword. Ironic isn't it?

That's so that you get the point. Get it, the point? You're right, that's stupid.

On a serious note, I can't tell whether you can differentiate the two in this case. I mean, when the religion is allowed, they know what you're going to do. Or do they? Perhaps the likes of polygamy in Mormonism demonstrates your point. The religion had the freedom to exist but that particular practice had to stop.

@brentan religion is an ideology represented by organisations. How can ideologies have freedoms?
What people mean is freedom of belief, to follow the religion of their choice. I'm all for that.
One of the devious ways I amuse myself is explaining this to theists, that people should be free to believe what they will which means the freedom to not believe the dominant religion of their particular society. We don't need thought police. Pretty well 100% agree with me. Freedom of belief should be enshrined in law as a human right.
Then I drop that children are human too so freedom of belief also applies to them. It's then great to sit back, watch them scratch their heads and try to argue how parents have the right to indoctrinate their kids into their religion, as their parents did to them.
Hours of amusement I've had with this little mind game.


Never thought of that - good one!

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