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Does anyone here envisage a day when religious institutions would be sued to court to expunge hate verses from their holy books? We have all heard the cliché that "no religion teaches intolerance". This is false. Inasmuch as religious books contain some good morals, there are also verses that explicitly promote hate.

obis 6 Feb 5

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In the US, the suits would be tossed out. Such a suit would be unconstitutional, and I am fine with that. The law that protects them, also protects me.


Nope, and if it ever came to pass I would happily stand with the religious that would no doubt be protesting. Hypocrisy is wrong, and telling others they can't learn things the way you don't like is blatant hypocrisy.

This would be one of the few times I would be standing with the religious people.

@ThereisnoDog I agree with you. I think the best that can be done is to openly debate religious doctrine. So many people have never heard a critical view of the beliefs they subscribe to and this goes a long way to ensure people do not see these beliefs from a different angle except the popular perspective.


Not sure that would pass the first amendment test.


Thats really good question. I doubt it; freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.


No need to censor any religious group's intolerant tenets. But even with religious privilege (lately misnamed by conservatives "religious freedom" ) on the rise since the 1990s, there's been good progress in limiting public funding of discriminatory religious programs. Even some liberal religious support this.

Many more freethinkers support ending the tax exemption that indirectly subsidizes religious groups. Ironically, though doing that would stop rewarding sectarian bigotry and begin leveling the playing field for secular groups, taxing religious institutions would require greater government involvement with them. That heretical utopian goal will always be messy.


Censorship? Nah.


Absolutely not. Freedom of speech/press; all that. Nope, not gonna happen. Not in this country, anyway.


Bad idea. Papering over the ugly scenes from the past is the worst thing you can do if you want to avoid repeating them!

I am amazed at your ability to hit the nail on the head. good job!

@Leutrelle When the only thing you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail... 😉

@stinkeye_a And a sense of humor🙂


@obis -- It won't happen as long as religions have the protection of the government through the Constitution, and I would hate to have anything happen to the Constitution to change that because of all the other things that would/could be affected.


They do have verses that are violent and have intolerance in them. That being said, no I don't see that day and it would be a violation of their freedom of speech. Religion has the right to express what they want. The hope is people will learn to think for themselves and not be so gullible.


The already proven answer is education. Provide good and honest education to the children and in one generation the ridiculous disappears. Adding in diversity in the class room makes it even faster and stronger.

This makes a lot of sense to the wrong people. Those who want control are already busy regulating education.

@kensmile4u So? You going to help vote them out of control?

@Dick_Martin You can count on me doing my part!

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