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Interesting conversation between Harris and the TED dude Chris Anderson.
Anderson presents many of the misunderstandings about Sam's ideas, providing Sam the opportunity to clarify.


By Jacar
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I thought so as well.

Jeremy77 Level 5 Nov 8, 2018

When I found out the Venn diagram of people who like that dude and Jordan Peterson is close to one single overlapping circle I bailed.

Cadelyn Level 5 Nov 5, 2018

Could that apparent contradiction not mean something good is going on, like an attempt to discuss instead of polarise?

@brentan not a contradiction.

Can't learn if ya don't listen. Harris is essential.

And what do you not appreciate about Peterson's ideas?

There has been lots of fake news about him.

@Jacar wow.

@Cadelyn . . . So what do you not like about Peterson?

@Cadelyn ... Come on. Provide some examples of what you do not like about Peterson. That way we all can learn. No doubt we will agree on some bits.

@Jacar a very fair criticism of him that pretty much sums up my thoughts: [vox.com]

@Jacar he’s the uneducated man’s philosopher. Dangerous shit.

@Cadelyn ... the vox dudes are close to fox newsers. Not a joke. They are all about exaggeration of a few distorted fact. They are NOT interested in reality.

Listen to Harris about how he was described as a racist by the completely ignorant vox shithead.


@Cadelyn .. Have you actually listened to him? From your comments, and links, i think you have not.
This is who the man is: everything derives from this:

@Cadelyn . . A good interview with Chan 4:


Is there a way to get this in transcript form?

It kills me to have to sit through 10 minutes of introduction about his tours, then minutes of introdution, then mutual ass kissing, them more tour dates, yada yada and THEN the topic I'm interested in hearing about.

I want to get to the meat of sam and chris' ideas and talking is just SUCH an inefficient and time consuming way of getting to the point.

TheMiddleWay Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

THANKS for saying that. Aside from the time requirement, there's often privacy issues. I don't work in an environment most of the day where I can use headphones or play random things on my speaker.

Hopefully someone has an answer. I know youtube videos sometimes come with a transcript option which seems automated but is still pretty good. Given that these podcasts are "proprietary", I'm hoping someone more familiar with podcasts in general or this one in particular can point the way....

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