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Hi everyone! My name is Lukian. For those of you that don't know me, I'm quiet, shy, bashful, nothing to look at in particular, non-descript height and weight, kinda bland with a cartoonish look.

This is my story.... (insert documentary dramatic music)

For the past week, I've been monitoring my points level VERY closely, sometimes even hourly and obsessively minute by minute until I was able to take a snapshot of this very elusive moment (pics included).

thanks for the points and keep them coming!

By Lukian
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Congrats. When arrives you must post a photo wearing your t-shirt.

silverotter11 Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

I past that mark a while ago... I'm at 100 000 or level 8.3

@Lukian ditto where's the pic of you and your shirt???? lol


@silverotter11 sorry, won't happen. It's a privacy issue. You see, I'm a big celebrity that doesn't want my identity know... wink.. hehehe.

@silverotter11 I hope you did not believe my description of me either? ... quiet? bashful? Bland?... Ha!!!

@Lukian Hell no, remember I've read a lot of your posts. No, if you don't want to share with the group that's fine smile009.gif (sarcasm is so lost wehn typing). lol
I do not photograph well but fuck it I had to put my shirt on and take a selfie, drapping it over the back of the sofa just did not cut it for me. I get tho you are of some reknown - at least around the area where you live or maybe your spouse is.



gsiamne Level 7 Nov 18, 2018

I did that with my odometer when it turned my age. Then I realized my age. 😢

EllenDale Level 7 Nov 18, 2018

you're 100 000 year old?! dang you look good! (wink)

@Lukian Lol. 121853


That reminded me of the time I pulled over on the side of the road and rolled ever so slowly, so I could take a picture of my odometer as it turned to 100,000 miles, no reason for it really, but I think we are somewhat hardwired to celebrate milestones of various importance. Congratulations!

Julie808 Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Well, congratulations!

Deb57 Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

Hello Lukian ....... as you described yourself.... you described me..... that's how I see myself !!! Anyway ... welcome to agnostics.....even though I don't understand it here, myself...lol !! I need to find out how I can get points ... ok..... Take care, Be safe, PEACE and Love! !

Yellowrose Level 4 Nov 17, 2018
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