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Has anyone else here read 'the golden bough' by james frazer? an immense work of anthropology with thousands of references cited about the patterns of belief and superstition seen repeated all over the world

By loudshirt5
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Great book, yes

Orbit Level 7 Jan 1, 2019

Or, if you don’t want to read a great volume, watch “myths and monsters” on Netflixx. Same subject matter.


Amazon has the Kindle version of Vol 1 for free, or both volumes for $.99.

expatri Level 5 Nov 19, 2018

both volumes must have been the older edition. There was a total of 12 complete volumes including an aftermath and an extra bibliography. it would probably take a year to read the entire thing, and can only speculate how long it would have taken to write assuming all the 40,000 citations were true


Have not read this book but it sounds like a good read. I'll look for it.

4Joyce Level 3 Nov 19, 2018

start with the abridged version. lots are cut out from the 12 volumes but its basically the same in bullet points


The question is whether one then assumes the patterns are a result of some kind of external influence or simply the result of every human having a brain that tends to be sloppy and self-deceptive in similar ways.

mordant Level 8 Nov 19, 2018

...sloppy and self-deceptive and created by the same forces of evolution.

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