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I've been raking my yard. So I don't know....a forest fire.

Secretguy 7 Nov 19

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"Don't blame me, I voted for HER" is on a mug I ordered after the 2016 president election debacle.


You are so patriotic! Good for you! lol



Tacky yet oddly humorous


A tweet from Trump:
Met with firemen in California! I got to sit in a BIG RED firetruck! Loud horn! But no rakes! Why don't our firemen use rakes to cleer leaves? I TOLD THEM that's how firemen in Finland do it! They just stared at me! Now the world is laughing at us!


So funny and so freaking sad at the same time. What a blithering idiot 45 is. I’d love to see his out of shape butt get out there and start raking California.


I read some time ago that forest land needs to have fires to burn off the topsoil so not to die. I have no idea if this is true or not but if it is, that might mean that fires need to be managed, not stopped.

You are 100% correct. Pine cones need fire to open up and spread their seeds. By continually stopping fires now causes a worse fire in the future.

Fire is a natural part of the western ecosystem. We’ve made things difficult here by over harvesting trees in some places, actively doing every thing we can to eliminate fires in other places and now we have sizable populations living in fire prone areas. Mature trees have evolved to be fire resistant from smaller fires. Now we have an abundance of fuels from drought the creates the intense fires we get now.


The President of Finland is raking his memory for the raking conversation with Prez Trump....anyway here is what one Finnish raker had to tweet:


cava Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

That’s hilarious!


I'd ask you to come rake mine but I live in an apartment and I have people who do that for me...


how how how how HOW is this moron still in power?????

Xena Level 6 Nov 19, 2018

Beats me? I did not vote for the b#*@#d.

It does boggle the mind...but then I listen to my co-workers and I think, "Oh, that's the reason".....

@jc2018 HA! I know what you mean!!!


Glad you are up on this. Would you come and rake my yard also? I pay $1.25 an hour and if your thirsty you can get a drink out of the garden hose.

Only if you make sure the garden hose has been out in the sun for a very long time?



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