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For those of you who are alone during the holidays, (and would prefer not to be), has groups where you can meet fabulous people and lots of meetup groups are having Thanksgiving get togethers for people just like you. Volunteering is also a way to remind ourselves just how fortunate we are instead of staying down in the dumps. And you can meet other fabulous volunteers there too.

As for me, we are putting off Thanksgiving for a day so we can spend it together with my ex, for my son's sake. My ex practically ghosted me for three years and he has decided to make positive changes in his life, and we are now functioning well as friends in order to prove to my son that life CAN go on after divorce. His decision has been life changing for us and I couldn't be happier. The mental damage that people inflict on their kids during divorce is unconscionable and people should do everything they can to protect their kids from the harm that they do in their own relationships.

By Hihi6
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And Happy Thanksgiving to the Ohio lady. Just moved from Columbus and happy to be in Tampa. Sunny and 72 today. Makes the alone time not so


Good for him. Putting your son first is very mature of him.


Yes, married couples should realize that children are more invested in the relationship than their parents. I divorced in '73 with 2 small kids. Our children coped with the holidays through the years, with different people all around. I wish I had known other ways to help our relationship, other than divorce, for the children. They felt the stress and unhappiness back then.


Well said. Happy thanksgiving

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