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What is your ritual for thanksgiving, if any?

By BlakeA4
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None.Live in Scotland and we don't have thanksgiving !

Jaydee123 Level 5 Nov 23, 2018

We watch the parade, eat lunch at my parents house. Take a nap, lol. Then just chilll and watch movies for the rest of the evening.

Susan74 Level 5 Nov 22, 2018

Since I don't live near family and don't like traveling during the holidays, my ritual for Thanksgiving and Christmas both is to go to Whole Foods, get a take out dinner and come home to be with Ginger and Tuey.

I always have invitations to friends' holiday dinners but I find it lonelier being the odd-person out at someone else's family gathering than being alone with my sweet little multi-species family.


Just a simple lunch with my mom and brothers and neices

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