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As one who was brought up in a Christian household, and has spent his life in government jobs, is it just me, or does it seem like it's less acceptable to not believe in an omnipotent man in the sky, than it is to dedicate your life to something you have no knowledge of?

By CyberKnight3
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Belief is a belief, it's a perception, maybe an intuition, a hope, a desire. It's not knowledge. Knowledge is certain. I was also brought up in Catholic country. My parents sent me to religious studies, because that is what it was expected back home in Poland, however, they did not participate in worship. My mother was rather skeptical about the man in the sky. My father never talked about that man. I never questioned the presence of something larger than me, because it was like air that I breathe. I am not longer religious, at some point going to church was not satisfying. I believe there is something larger than me, because I have not created myself. We will never know for sure while being the body. One thing is certain, that if he exists, he is not of this world, otherwise he would live somewhere in the world. I suspect if we are his creation, then we are not of this world either, which tells me this existence is some form of illusion, a dream, but we are already in eternity. Long story short, we won't be able to resolve this on this plane, so just live and be merry. A side note: I don't expect anyone to agree with me, if you don't believe, I don't really care either. Just be and let others be.

Nana13 Level 3 Nov 26, 2018

I will also add, I am reading some of the comments and introductions on people's profiles, I feel like an alien or do I or should I even try to blend. I think the reality is we do not know for sure if he exists or not, but we can only perceive because that is all we can, we have a mind, a brain that is rather limiting, and despite what others tell us, we are our own person, we think and breathe this life and no one can do this for us, or even to tell us what to think. So I guess the moral of the story is, that you need to follow your own intuition. I will say this that not believing is popular, it's like a trend, it's sassy, but it may not be rooted in true reality either. The reality is that we do not know even what this world is for, so before we try to accept him or negate him, let's just stop pretending that we know the meaning of this - the world - we do not know. So. all the attacks on religion is kinda futile in my mind. It big part of human evolution, history, even if we come to the conclusion that religion is bogus, it took thousands of years to arrive at this conclusion, human consciousness evolution, it's a process. It's about adding, comparing and subtracting - it's called perception, but it's not knowledge. Knowledge is constant and certain.

Sorry, it took me long, windy road to come to conclusion, that even in countries where religion prevails, people have doubts about beliefs, they may not admit it, or maybe when they are older and start questioning, it's just not black and white.


Hahaha, hilarious. And sad but true. I say dedicate your life to being a good person, regardless of old white sky man. It’s hard to believe anything anymore, or anyone. Just do things with good intention.


Those who consider it less acceptable, often try to use social pressure to manipulate others . . . . . I was once invited to church by a rather insistant couple who evidently were convinced that I would cave in to social pressure. As they started a hymn, everyone stood . . . . I remained seated . . . . They were "offended", "embarassed", etc. Perhaps they learned something, although it is unlikely.

THHA Level 7 Nov 24, 2018

It depends on where you happen to be living. If you live in Pakistan, atheism is regarded with contempt. In Saudi Arabia you are regarded as a terrorist. In other parts of the world, people wonder why others waste their time praying to their fictional god.

irascible Level 8 Nov 24, 2018

Yes finally things are changing. Not long ago Athiest-Ahhhh! Horrible Human. Socialist - a godless dangerous being- Ahhh! Horrible person!

ardjr1718 Level 3 Nov 24, 2018

No it's not you. Thiest feel threatened by you. Like you are arogant and believe you no better than them.

LogicEve Level 4 Nov 24, 2018

Generally Christianity is a dying force global but still has traction in S America I believe. Islam is taking on a lot or Africa, but Europe is becoming more eclectic regarding its religious wholesalers. Unfortunately if you are in a N American enclave you may very well feel isolated


Fuck the sky daddy believers I was a Christian too but i reliaced that shit was fake and highly manufactured believe it or not there are tons of used to be christians that have since exited that ridiculous belief system


Here in the US the "nones" are a much larger group than religious, and the fastest growing. Matt Dillahunty mentioned in a debate I watched on Youtube last night that more than 40% of Americans now fit that category.

@Namunn1 several "out" atheists were elected to public office in the mid-terms. I'm encouraged.

@celticagent really good news. Religious affiliation has been a much less important issue for a couple of decades now on mainland Europe.

The Pew Research Center breaks down the "nones" and they are actually a diverse mix of the unchurched believer, "spiritual but not religious", and agnostic/atheist. If you haven't looked at their stats on it, you may find it interesting, at


Depends entirely on which part of the world you live.

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