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ON CHILDHOOD BELIEFS....Words can be SO very powerful. They can be used in positive ways and, unfortunately, in negative ways. Just a single word can stick with you for years!. When I was a little girl, my daddy told me that I was the 'prettiest little girl in the whole wide world', and gullible child that I was, I believed him. It didn't make me conceited. I didn't go around thinking about it all the time and admiring myself in the mirror, but it was always just in the back of my head. So, I never had to struggle with thinking that I was ugly! I had other struggles, but not that one! Someone could have tried to convince me that I was ugly and I wouldn't have believed them.They would have been wasting their time. Because MY dad had already told me that I was pretty and little girls have a tendency to believe their dads. His words went with me a long time. It took me about 35 years to discover that he was wrong, lol. Children believe something perpetually until something sideswipes them. But I remember looking in the mirror one day and thinking, 'Daddy was wrong....I'm just...... kind of average. But how powerful his words were to stick with me all those years. I never even considered that he might be wrong.
....Words are so powerful.

...and someone told me that there was a god and a heaven...

By Realist95
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When life hands out shit sandwiches, we eat shit sandwiches.


I remember when my dad told me life isn't fun, it's about work, not fun. And he always complained about how he hated his job. I imagine that's where some of my anxiety stemmed from lol


The mind of a child needs reinforcement and guidance. It sounds like your father’s words were great for your sense of self esteem and navigating social circles.

You are right in the way children are gullible. But often that’s a case of lacking contrary exposure rather than simple weakness of character. In the case of God...more often than not people use it to placate or satisfy the desperate. But this is your journey and no one needs a vindictive, totalitarian, sky sugar daddy to make someone live a good life. That’s up to you ?.


My dad told me as we drove around the countryside [he always wanted a farm so we'd take Sunday drives to look at farms] when we'd see a 'Honey for sale" sign that that guy was selling his wife. I believed him for a while. I couldn't believe the bible stories they just seemed too far fetched. I did believe in Santa for awhile but found out it was a huge lie and it changed my trust for my parents. I had a very abusive older brother who told me I was adopted and they really didn't want me, that's what I could believe and did for many years. They were his parents not mine. Childhood can really mess with your mind!

Ktcyan Level 7 Nov 28, 2018

... and somebody else told me that there was a satan and a hell ...

irascible Level 8 Nov 28, 2018

It may be that we just try to live up to our parents expectations! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

AArealist Level 4 Nov 27, 2018

With a smile like that...beautiful!!


Every child is beautiful in their parents eyes ...

Jaydee123 Level 5 Nov 27, 2018

Yes, as it should be. But I believed it to be a FACT. I was 35 when I realized it was only his opinion, LOL. I just realized how powerful words were, especially to children, whether they are true or not. I believed in Santa too, LOL.

@Realist9 I still believe in Santa .. Lol???

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