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Hands up all those who have had a discussion with a deeply religious friend, colleague or family member or even a complete stranger (ie the preacher on the street) and actually produced such a compelling argument as why religion is fake and god isn't real that you have ctually swayed them to the point they are now atheist or at least they highlyquestion its validity

By darien757
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I've never tried,they are entitled to believe whatever they choose?




I made two young women Mormons cry. Felt really bad about it. They asked if I wouldn’t love it if I could live forever in heaven with my 5 yr old son. I explained the nightmare scenario that implied. Also what colour would their blonde hair be in a million years? Tears...


I have a friend who now started asking all kinds of questions. He still claims to be a believer, but the seeds are sown and the leaves are coming out.

From my experience, one should never in any way try to change anyone's mind. Defense mechanism kicks in and the whole effort will go astray. Better to exchange ideas and thoughts, showing the facts behind your thoughts.


I did it to a nun once... but she was already becoming a castaway, as Paul the sexiest put it... kinda like in the movie Dogma, but not do intense...


I did, this poor African guy who told me his father has T2 diabetes. I informed him, in that case it is likely his father has non-African ancestors as T2 diabetes was originally only found in Neanderthal DNA of which 0% is found in people only of African decent. This blew his mind as he was sure the earth was 6000 years old etc etc...I introduced him to some paleo-anthropology papers and he started to question everything. He has since given up on his faith and is studying work here is done!

Amisja Level 8 Nov 28, 2018

Wow; that's the first I've heard of a connection between type 2 diabetes and Neanderthals. By the way, I'm a type 1 diabetic. When someone asks "What type of diabetic are you?", I reply "The type that God cannot cure." smile002.gif

@MarkNowitzky It's true. My son is T1D. My research is looking at T1D and personality disorder. Stick around smile009.gif


Not me, but I think I've planted seeds of doubt.

People only change when the pain of changing is less than the pain of not changing (or put the other way, when the pain of not changing becomes too much to bear). So they will willfully choose to ignore a good argument or evidence against their beliefs, for that and other reasons (fear of social exclusion for example). However, some things once known can't be unknown, and they are there, waiting to help the person through the transition some day, if they ever get to that point.

I am living proof that it happens sometimes. A lot of what I post is stuff I wish I'd stumbled across or overheard during my journey out of faith.

mordant Level 8 Nov 28, 2018
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