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There was a question about women and why we pay more attention to them in an accident or at war as they are always mentioned in news reports.I checked who runs things (High Tower Lowdown)
In the USA 23% of Senate and 19%of the House are women.
There are only 6 women governors.
Of the 7383 state legislators only 25% are women.
Of the 2400 elected prosecutors 79% are men and 95% are white with 1% women of color.
White males equal 31% of the population but comprise 79% of 42000 elected positions in the USA
In the Fortune 500 companies women hold 5% of CEO positions.This is a reduction of 25% from the prior year.
75% of all board members are white males.

It would seem that women get mentioned in news reports only by accident because they make up such a little space in politics and commerce.

Marine 8 Nov 30

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Those statistics tell me women know how to enjoy life better. To climb the corporate or political ladder takes 100% dedication to it.

I believe you are wrong in your assumptions


The attention of human beings (both genders) is more quickly drawn to women. Magazines have known for years that the counter sales of their magazines go up substantially when women, as opposed to men, are featured on the cover (even wearing non provocative clothing). I have theories but don't really know why.

OCJoe Level 6 Nov 30, 2018

I would venture to say that women get mentioned more in accidents/wars because it goes back to the idea of women and children first. This was not true chivalry as it might sound, but because women and children were/are the future. The more women who survived in times of danger meant more of a chance to repopulate. One woman and five men would not be productive: five women and one man means five times the children.

The idea that women must be protected is still prevalent--or at least white, privileged women need to be protected. Years ago, when a Muslim woman strapped a bomb to herself and blew up herself and other people, I asked my college students if it were worse when a woman committed such an act than if it were a man doing it. They unanimously said, "Yes." I am not sure what the answer would be today.

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