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I'm a local comedian in LA and I have been thinking about branching myself out and talking about religion a little bit more and Atheism. Does anybody have any good topics or any good ideas to move in that direction?

thyperson 4 Dec 1

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Start by ripping on the westboro baptists. They actually preach OT rod and lash. They are in the media quite a bit being overtly politicized. Most christians dislike them. Gives you a way to rip on Christians without directly offending all Christians immediately.

Once your foot is in the door, go broader.


I’d suggest beginning with extremist positions and ‘beliefs,’ most find them too crazy to take serious. Perhaps some cults, nobody likes them … then morphing into modern religions.. If you’ve your own history with a religion - use it, seems folks criticizing a situation they’ve experienced always gets a pass..

Note what works for Bill Maher, and worked for George Carlin…

Varn Level 8 Dec 1, 2018

Carlin did some great work with religion and atheism. Gervais has done great things. Maher. Jeffries. Ferguson. Lots of good ideas out there to tackle.

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