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Lutherzme 8 Dec 1

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Government meddles in health care, health care gets worse. Government meddles in health care, health care gets worse. Government meddles in health care, health care gets worse. Whats the definition of Insanity?

@Lutherzme So quit meddling and return them to the prenixon era of non profit. Removes the greed and makes healthcare not in control by the government.

And yes when the government steps in with over bearing regulation, that is control.

@Veteran229 On eof my favortie statements made about healthcare was made by a republican senator, saying how if we had a socialized healthcare system liek the British, Stephen Hawkings would never have gotten the care he needed, to which Stephen Hawkings replied "I am Britich".

I've been to Canada. They love their health care system there.

In the movie "Sicko" Michael Moore pointed out hwo soem Euroupean countries pay theri doctors by how healthy their patients are, which in the U.,S. doctors ar paid by how sick a person gets. Considering the profit motive, it really isnt' in the bet interest of Americna doctors tokeep you healthy, because they make more money form your beign sick and the longer you are sick the more money they make. (BTW, Michael Moorew seems to come up with the most shitty title for movies of all time, but his movies are informative).

Yes, we shoudl go back to a nonprofit system of health care. Whether it is medicare for all or soem other system. When you look at Europe and Canada and other countries around the world, we have several models to choose from. Unfortunately elected officials tend to usually almost without exception choose what is most profitable for campaign contributors, which is why oru system is so fucked up.


Politicians-servants of the people....yeah, right.


Or roll them back to non profits.


Ding ding give us the options that y’all have and while they’re at I’d like to see congress do it’s job for minimum wage

No cost of living raises should ever be passed for congress unless the same percentage is applied to min wage either.

@jorj Ooh yesss that’s definitely one to put in our list of demands


I wonder how long she's going to be able to maintain that position?

Well, Bernie Sanders was able to hold onto it for a long time.

@Closeted but Bernie has always been an Independent and not part of the corrupt Dem party. I hope she can remain uncorrupted. Time will tell.

That is the million dollar question @KKGator.


No better way to reach that goal than to support a woman who is against Medicare for all, Pelosi, right AOC?

jorj Level 8 Dec 1, 2018

No kidding, so what you going to do about it?

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