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Neil deGrasse Tyson answers allegations of sexual misconduct

Dr. Tyson has denied these allegations. What I found interesting was statement in article:

"Fox and National Geographic Networks have said they will conduct a thorough investigation of the claims against Tyson.

“I welcome this,” he wrote."

cava 7 Dec 2

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Being ever the optimist, I'm always looking for a silver lining. Maybe conservatives will like him now? For example, support for Kavanaugh was on the downward trend because he was an awful choice, that is, until the possibility that he sexually assaulted someone, then his approval rating among Republicans went up dramatically.



Funny, now all of a sudden we need evidence.

Credible testimony works as well.


Another scientist attacked. How is this not a pattern?

Jacar Level 8 Dec 2, 2018

Pretty much everyone who is guilty says they welcome an investigation in hopes that there isn't enough evidence. I've always disliked NDT, but 1 of the 2 new allegations seem like he was just being a creepy flirt and made her uncomfortable. From what I read, he asked her to his room for "wine and cheese" and that was it. Unless there was more to it, I don't think that one should count against him. But I honestly could see him drugging and raping the woman from the original allegation awhile back.


Yes I agree with him, this trial by the media has to stop.


Either way, it is very sad ?

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