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I know we have a right to say whatever we want in this country (unless a direct threat)), but a "thank you for your service"? Do I really need to point out how many things are wrong with this?


TheGreatShadow 9 Dec 3

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I don't have facebook, so I guess I will never know.

Black dude with a CSA uniform waving the CSA flag. Someone towards the end said "thank you for your service".

@TheGreatShadow You should post the pic on the post. It would make it easier, and people wouldn't assume you hate military and service personnel.

@jondspen It's a video.

@TheGreatShadow Now you're just being difficult! 😉

@TheGreatShadow What is a CSA uniform?

@Veteran229 Confederate States of America. FWIW It's worth I would have been an E2 and my dad was an E5...

@TheGreatShadow So he is saying thank you to the South for trying to rid us of an overbearing government, and at the same time saying thank you for the rights established by the North?

@Veteran229 No. You didn't even know what CSA meant...

@TheGreatShadow Yeah im blond, CSA didnt click, with little to no context.

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