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I think laws in America need a bit more detail when being drawn up. One thing I would like to see is that a paragraph be included that states WHY the law is being written/passed.... what problem is being addressed. Similarly, I would like to see procedures put in place to review laws, to see if there is still a need for it. Having a paragraph stating the laws intention would help. I know this would lead to more administrative bureaucracy but, just some general thoughts....

aintmisbehaven 7 Dec 4

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Have you read a bill? I think the details are ridiculous...there are Findings, which state the "WHY"...a glossary...a glossary for the glossary...footnotes...

Most bills would challenge even the most studious of law graduates with the formal outlining procedures and terminology...

It takes loads of people to interpret the laws, so simplification gets my vote, but I have no offering of how to do that without leaving even more to question and debate...


I like the upkeep period. The "reason why" although I like and as a manager I explain most of the time, I'm not sure how it would translate. "Why can't we murder people; murder is bad"


I agree that each law needs a kind of tl;dr at the end. Legalese is a language that consists entirely of details, layered upon each other to close loopholes like a word lasagna. I fear adding even more details would cause the whole thing to go torus shaped and break physics.


The Affordable Care Act was 1200 pages. Pelosi said" You have to pass the bill to read the bill". Congress was not afforded time to read 1200 pages. How much more detail do you need than 1200 pages? The paragraph summation was the propaganda they spread about the ACA. Which all of it was lies.

ooo-k.... you don't like the ACA.... not sure how that fits into identifying the purpose of a law and later reviewing laws for potential change/repeal....

You are too generous in your low count of the number of pages...there were approximately 13,000 pages...unless you were McConnell who stated it was over 40,000 pages...that man can't count...

and to make things a bit even, here is a link showing the comparison of the time spent on the ACA and the ACA 2.0, or Trump care...


@thinktwice 13,000??? That sounds excessive. I'm wondering wtf could have needed so many words.

@bingst When the ACA first came out, I read sections for days...what did it contain? Line by line covering everything from how to finance it to who would be eligible...of course, look how bills are written in the double spaced outline standard... if you get a chance you can read parts of it just to see how it was so detailed...


There is a consolidated version that was available...even that was a sleeper for most...yawn...

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