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There has been discussion of an atheist can be "spiritual". My answer is yes. The reason is that the spiritual is from within, not without. it is internal, not external.

By tioteo
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I agree, and you've succinctly stated your point.

silverotter11 Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

Yes. Spirituality is a kind of experience, not a cosmology.

Atheopagan Level 6 Feb 14, 2018

I don't believe anything without sufficient evidence to support the claim. That being said, atheism is the rejection of a claim that a God or gods exist. You can be an atheist and spiritual, as long as you don't believe in any deity, you're still an atheist.

jayneonacobb Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Another example of humans making shit up to occupy their time and try to find meanness in a universe without meaning, purpose, reason, or goals. It makes me wonder why one would lack a particular belief (presumably because of the lack of evidence to a claim) yet adhere to some other belief with the same lack of of evidence. Personal anecdotal testimony is not valid evidence.

NothinnXpreVails Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I am a spiritual atheist, and I don't have any beliefs without corroborating evidence. You need to read more on what spirituality really is. It's not a belief system--it's a type of human experience.

Yeah, I’m good with my personality. Thanks for the input, though. @Dida


"Spiritual"...B.S. by another name. My cat thinks he is spiritual.

dahermit Level 6 Feb 13, 2018

I agree fully, I am deeply spiritual and an atheist. I believe in the energy of the mind and the ability to alter our own reality. I believe in the energy of which I am made and that energy is 14 billion years old. My existence here in this conscious mind is just that , mind, what is the mind and if we think it is nothing ,ergo it is, The mind is what we think it is, and that is why I want to extend the boundaries of my mind.

EMC2 Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

"...the ability to alter our own reality." If you mean going to college or something similar, but that is not where your post is going. It seems to be going in an emotional nonsense direction.

@dahermit Well , it is difficult to touch on but such as positive thinking, I believe is indeed able to alter your outcome, Where one digs deep inside and argues with him or herself. where we go deep to reach a real connection with someone or audience. This is spritualism to me. I believe I can touch the inside of the body, After many surgeries I took the position to focus on the injury site and feed it with a mind NOT in stress but in healing mode. I believe we can sustain good energy via encounters with other living things.

@EMC2 Now if there was just some scientific proof of that.


No such thing as a spirit or soul s can't be spiritual

Simon1 Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

@Dida where's the power source ? When your body dies there isno power source for the consciousness . Souls were made up so that the afterlife can be sold to you .


I think not all atheists are equal.
I think many people have decided they do not believe in the "God" for whatever ever reason, and they may not believe in other gods.
Others are wary of anything for which there is not sound evidence, sorry gods but you don't pass muster, neither do you reiki and homeopathy and ghosts and little green men.

Rugglesby Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

Define spiritual.

GoldenDoll Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

I think people think they’re spiritual, but that that word has no real, objective value.

I’m a human that expericences awe and wonder. Certain neurochemical cocktails make me feel euphoric and wonderful. It can happen randomly and it can be induced.

It’s all empirical, natural, common, normal.
It is the experience of being an emotional human, alive and observing.

There’s nothing spiritual about me, Im just wholly human and honest. Nothing special, yet enough.

AMGT Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I like your reasoning, I am wary of the word spiritual, meaning of spirit seems like such a moveable feast meaning anything to anyone - I like the idea of being grounded in all my feelings being able to make sense of what it is I am feeling , if possible. If I want to hit out at at something I would like to know why,before I actually kick off so I am with you on this one

that is the thing, it is not all empirical, Data suggest directions to take however understanding the event is purely a human experience. Theoretical Physicist go outside the empirical box to only imagine what if. There is indeed an effect on living matter when we approach, this energy I call the spiritual. Has nothing to do with religion or parameters to stay within.


What “energy” are you referring to, precisely?

This is a great way to express it. I hate the word spiritual. Your definition "It is the experience of being an emotional human, alive and observing " is wonderful. Just what I need to explain it to spiritual believers!


Yay! smile001.gif

Actually, you just described spirituality quite nicely. Whether or not you want them to be, those are spiritual experiences.

@Atheopagan - Except there is no such thing as a "spirit" - remember that was invented by the religiots? So no, they're not "spiritual" and no, you don't get to decide what we want them to be.



You can use whatever inconsistent, meaningless word you like when you’re describing yourself, but not me, not others.

It’s pretty arrogant and in this case, a show of ignorance, when you try and dictate the nature of anyone’s experiences besides your own, using incoherent words.
Please speak for yourself, going forward.

@GoldenDoll: Suggest you read the Wikipedia entry on spirituality. It has nothing to do with spirits, and everything to do with experiences of awe. wonder, and sense of place in the Universe.

The ignorance in this conversation is yours, @AMGT. Not to mention being incoherent.


I get it, you’re wikispiritual.

I’m fine using the words “awe” and “wonder” to describe awe and wonder.
Religious people attach god to awe and wonder to try and monopolize those emotional experiences just as you are with the word spiritual.
Do you not like those words? Are they not self explanatory?
Do they need something more to drive home a different level of special?
Is it a one-up thing?
Why the addition of “spiritual”?

@Atheopagan - you're hilarious! Directing me to Wikipedia! Funniest thing I've heard in ages. Is there an entry for "wanker"?

Dunno. You could look it up. Oh, right...you're not into learning things.

Never mind.

@Atheopagan - You're the best advert for Wikipedia learning ever. Yawn. Bye.

words are slithery little critters its hard sometimes to find the right one to express yourself explicitly because there are more words with meanings in other languages than we know. the Japanese have a word for sitting solitarily watching a sunset - When we don't have appropriate words it feels weird to argue over a meaning and whether or not thats politically correct to be used in that context by an atheist I feel we have got into a nit picking pissing contest. just because this is a site for unbelievers doesn't mean we have to disagree on anything. Have a view, yes, it can be welcomed or negated but some of this talk is downright unkind. Bit of respect please!


It's a word that means everything and nothing, and that's the problem with it. Some people like to impress others with talk about how 'spiritual' they are. It's a sort of boast, a way to impress. "I don't know if I'm religious, but I'm spiritual." Right... Sorry, but I don't buy it, and I'm inclined not to let people get away with using it. For example, your statement that spiritual is from within, not from without. I have no earthly idea what that means. Sorry.

David1955 Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Exactly. "So you're not religious, but are you a spiritual person?". Oh groan. Was does that even mean? I'm not stupid enough to believe in a god but I'll come across second best by being "spiritual"? WTF.


It means that as opposed to an external being, one looks within for guidance. Tapping into an infinite wisdom, that can be explained literally with fairly basic physics.


Spirituality involves connectivity. It has nothing to do with believing in a Creator.

soundofthereign Level 4 Feb 12, 2018

As an agnostic I thank you. "Spiritual" has many definitions and I'd dare say it differs for every individual.

We are not machines. There is much we don't understand about our emotions, drives and aspirations...but in my opinion any definition cannot fully describe actually experiencing them.

DangerDave Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

I've received some flak on this. You are one of those who seems to understand what I'm saying.

Something else that is real: fundamentalist atheists who treat science as a religion and have other similarities to their theist counterparts. Get used to them.

@DangerDave - Which atheists do you know who "treat science as a religion"? How can science be a religion? If science is proved wrong, we adjust our belief. How is that similar to religion in any way?

@GoldenDoll here is but one post on this site filled with "dogmatic atheists". I've also met several, most as uneducated and obnoxious as their fundamentalist theist counterparts.

I won't call them out by name. They do that well enough themselves.

"Soul Searching": Do you retain biases based on past religious beliefs?


every thought you have is internal

markdevenish Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

Although I’d imagine after becoming disillusioned from religion, one would also realize there is no soul, spirit, sacred energy, ghosts, and the like. It’s true the term simply means without religion.

Funandfondles Level 6 Feb 12, 2018
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