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Today, my friend asked me for advice. She says her 2 roomates are in a disagreement because one roomate (Guy) is from South America and is Catholic and does not "approve" of Homosexuality. (Girl) roomate is straight but is upset that he doesn't "approve" of it and wants to move out. I am still surprised how Christians pick and choose what they follow. The guy obviously has sex out of wedlock and eats meat on Fridays. My friend says its his upbringing and their religion. I do understand, being older and set in his upbringing. But how is it still ok to follow religions that teach hate and intolerance of any kind? Thoughts?

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If I was going to be religious I would hands down pick Catholism!!!!
You can change the rules and fuck up as much as you want. Do a few Hail Marys and throw in a few our fathers and BOOM!!!! All is forgiven.

The girls not much better here. Move out because of this? Shit when I was in school I hung out anyone if they’d feed me and let me sleep on their couch.


"(Girl) roomate is straight but is upset that he doesn't "approve" of it and wants to move out."-- Textbook intolerance. Does not agree and proposes action.

The "guy" in your post states his opinion, and no action thereof. Based on your post, he is tolerant.

If it comes to hypocrisy, I have no doubt the intolerant (Girl) roommate is also a hypocritical with her values. Especially if she preaches tolerance.


From a Christian: "So if I find God, I learn the way of God, I instantly hate everyone else?? Fail to see the logic in that bridging of those ideas. I am a Christian and I do not hate anyone."
. My response:
It is not always a conscious thing . . . . You have to look at the base of the belief. . . . And that is that certain people are "saved", and certain people are not, and those who are not will burn in hell. When you dehumanize other people, and picture them as being unworthy, i.e. ("do not throw your pearls before swine" ), "swine"? . . . That is clearly and unambiguously a form of hate. Why not seek what is best for ALL of mankind, the World as a whole, all races, all cultures, rather than being divisive?

No matter what people say, when they claim ideas and opinions are not harmful, most of that is just plain rubbish, because in their mind, they consider themselves to be "chosen", exclusive, standing out, i.e. better than those they are judgemental against.

THHA Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

Not approving of homosexuality is not hateful or intolerant; it is merely an opinion.
It is what the guy does with that opinion that is hateful or intolerant.

So if he doesn't approve but still lives and let's live, he is neither expressing hate nor intolerance.
But if he doesn't approve and rains derision and scorn on homosexuals or goes out of his way to not be in their presence or to exclude them from his presence, then that is hateful and intolerant.

Ideas and opinions by themselves are not hateful nor intolerant; only actions are.

Racist, perhaps. But that is not hateful or intolerant since their religious beliefs don't translate to actual action... "not approving" of something doesn't mean that you hate or don't tolerate that something.


It's not okay, it still happens.


Wow. Major reason why when I separated husband decided I was too damn old for roommates and left NYC. I agree with @creative51. We are inconsistent..myself included on some things. Only thing I would suggest in that living situation is to NOT TALK ABOUT IT! To each their own.

i can't do room mates.... unless it's a girlfriend.


Humans are notoriously inconsistent.

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