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Corporations are living large right now. Between a multitude of mergers and the GOP’s weakening of antitrust laws, big businesses have been able to gain the majority of economic power in the US -- and the world market.

We are now left with a near-total monopolization of most markets. The once vast pool of options for spending your hard-earned money has dried up because of crony capitalism -- which has prioritized profits over the interests of people.

“Four airlines control over 80 percent of domestic airline seats. Five health-insurance giants control over 80 percent of the health-insurance market. Three drugstore chains have 99 percent of the industry’s revenues. Four companies control over 85 percent of America’s beef market. Two giants sell over 70 percent of all beer in America.

That’s a big problem.”

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren

Tell Congress: Pass Stronger Antitrust Laws.

"It is time to pass laws that ensure American workers AND consumers are protected from big business’ dominance. History has proven that high levels of economic concentration in the hands of the few leads to less power and choices for you.

When companies have control of the market, they are easily able to eliminate (or even purchase) competitors. Less competition means they can raise the prices of their product without consequences. Meanwhile, corporations are able to keep workers’ wages low -- because guess what? Their workers do not have any other place to work in that industry. (And even if they do have options, many of these corporations have forced their workers to sign non-compete clauses that forbid them from going to work for competitors!) Overall, it is an economic nightmare.

Corporate competition and a free market are principles that both parties used to understand and agree upon. But now, our “free market” has become suffocated by mega-corporations.

Instead of protecting and promoting entrepreneurship and open competition, Republicans (and a few Democrats) have weakened the same antitrust laws that were put in place to protect consumers and workers. As they cozy up to big businesses for donor checks, they have ultimately created an economic system that is strangling itself."

It is time to put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

Tell Congress now: Pass Stronger Antitrust Laws.

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Please explain how the GOP weakened antitrust laws..

Elizabeth Warren lost credibility from an intellectual nature, by claiming to be Native American, she is not. 1/1024 is not NA. Fauxcahontis is her new name.

Your direct Fascists economic supporters are those who want heavy regulations( Democrats). Heavy regulations burden new/small business. Large corporations can handle a few million for Accounting and Legal support to go around many things. The new/small business cannot. Under heavy regulation, new/small gets squished out, leaving large multinationals fearing no new competition. Then they become too big to fail, since no one else even comes close to what the large multinationals can do.

The ACA is the perfect model for this. The regulations put forth, actually shrank the market considerably .Many were put into non-compete territory. Which is why in some states, you have the choice of 1-3 healthcare providers. A direct hinderance to market growth. And of course with market shrinkage, prices skyrocketed. The fleecing began.


We have the best government money can buy.


Doesn't capitalism encourage competition? And yet so many capitalists are fine with this.

Not when a very few own everything. Who is there to compete against?

Capitalism encourages competition yes, but when the maket grows so large, and profits for the largest corporations exceed expectations or certain corporations do better in the market, they begin buying smaller competitors to gain more of the market share, or they dive bomb prices to force them out of business. Many will even take a loss to break a smaller competitor because they know they can absorb the loss. ??

@TDSkully Heavy regulation breaks the smaller/new business.

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