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I have seen many post in here complaining about left wingers stifling the voices of others. While this is generally true, we do not have to cower. Religion always stifled the freedom of speech, except its own. If you preach to the choir, "your" opinion is welcome.

Religions - all of them are against other religions. Some are more violent about it than others. The most violent is islam, the new left is still far behind, but not far enough. Yes, socialism is a religion. Even Bertrand Russel said so. And socialism still is violent. Just look at the Soviet Union 30 years ago and at China today. Socialism is just a godless religion, but a religion nonetheless. So obviously they hate other religions, especially the ones closest to them geographically.

The united States, in the name of freedom of religion, created the world’s only true freedom of speech. Europe does not practice this true freedom, only we do. Let's not let anti-theist stifle our voices. We must claim what is our most precious freedom.

norealgod 6 Dec 7

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If “stifling the voices of others” means you publicly disagree with them, so what?

I have been blocked by many leftists on this site. Those individuals cannot handle dissenting opinion. I havent( nor will ever) block anyone. I don't need an echo chamber.

Isn’t it equally tyrannical to suggest your freedom of speech entitles you to an audience?

@PaigeM Where in my statement do I say I demand an audience? I do not. The only thing I stated is those who cannot handle dissenting opinion, move to block. Disagreeing would be stating your opinion, not trying to invoke or get invoked mechanism to hide from opinion. AKA Safe Spaces.

You didn’t state that specifically, but seeing as the subject of the post is anti-theist lefties stifling others, and your comments on that post implicate leftists blockers, you should understand how I might figure you feel entitled to an audience. You’re drawing a comparison between ‘stifling’ and blocking.
I also don’t block other members, but I’ve been blocked by a number of conservatives here. Snowflakes and blockers exist all along the political spectrum, and it’s important not to misidentify who is actually challenging your freedom vs. people who just don’t like you.

@PaigeM !!WoW!! this is something that I haven't even thought about. No, audience is not guaranteed - especially the second time you speak, but the new left goes far beyond not listening. They bar others from listening. Many examples, but I will only mention a few.

Students rioting, breaking property, setting fires in college as soon as they hear that a right-wing speaker is to appear, and the speaker is dis-invited.
The same students, if the speaker was not dis-invited, will shout and bar him from speaking.
Google, facebook and others, censor opinions. Case in point - Dennis Prager who is a right wing columnist cannot be found on google becuase his opinions are "Dangerous".

Please note the HUGE difference between Skokie and Charlotteville. The neo-nazies marched in Skokie Illinois in the 70's and they were at first denied, but the ACLU stood by them and won them the right to March in a predominantly Jewish town. How did the town react? THE PARADE MET EMPTY STREETS. The same people marched in Cahrlotteville. How did the left react? By unlicensed riots (in which a crazy guy used his car to kill. He was convicted last week)

@PaigeM See my other answer, but again, The jews of Skokie simply did not come to the parade. The left is coming and uses violence to silence the other side. HUGE difference. I do not have a guaranteed audience, but at least I should be able to speak without pre--organized disturbance and fear of violence

To publicly disagree you must first hear what is said, but they re not even letting us open our mouths

Freedom of speech implies politeness and decorum. Extremists usually lack it. The extreme right is actually very small, but the left is getting more and more extreme and what was once extreme, is now more and more accepted.

@norealgod What do you consider ‘very small’? What’s your source?

@CarolinaGirl60 Let me quote Mark Twain himself quoting Benjamin D'Isareli - There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Don't forget who is compiling and categorizing these statistics - the ever honest, ever unbiased, ever without ant political slant -Washington Post.

@norealgod I repeat: what do you consider ‘small’, and what is your source? If it’s Brietbart or equivalent...never mind.


This is what the OP is talking about.

Dont worry the fanatical ones will block you soon. They cannot handle history and facts getting in the way of their fundamental beliefs. Straight out of the Theists playbook of hiding due to lack of comprehension.


You're telling me there is no other nation on the planet with a 'true' freedom of speech? And how 'true' is our freedom of speech if you can be incarcerated or otherwise punished for saying certain things?

Europe will incarcerate you for what they call racist speech. In the USA the first amendment is only disallowed when it endangers the public. Like shouting fire in a crowded theater, but any other speech is protected including the most profane racism. This is a HUGE difference.

@norealgod It's still not 'free' speech, which is my point.

ALL of America's freedoms have limitations.

@maturin1919 It is as free as humanly possible short of murder

@norealgod Short of murder? How is murder free speech?

As free as possible = no restrictions whatsoever


It must be a two way street. Exercise your freedom of speech right but knowing that you can be held accountable by mine when I call you up on stuff considered uncalled for. As I see it, for as long as we are willing to have a conversation then it should work just fine, either way.


Um, don’t you mean RIGHT wingers are stifling freedom of speech? Unless it’s tgeir speech, of course.

Read what I wrote about Skokie as compared to Charlotteville. The left is by far more violent about it and constantly so

@norealgod Perhaps you could distinguish between left-wing extremists, and those of us who are leftist but opposed to violence. Still, in the bigger picture, right-wing extremists do more damage, more terrorism, more instigating. The driver in Charlottesville was right-wing(White supremacist) as I understand it. I’m opposed to them and everything they stand for, and I’ll march/protest(as is my right). Why should the KKK march unopposed? You seriously think that’s a solution, just let them do THEIR freedom of speech, regardless of it terrorizing whole groups of people, with zero accountability for their message?
I disagree with you. You have the right to your opinion; I have the right to dissent...and I do.

@CarolinaGirl60 The right wing extremists are not doing even one tenth of the damage of left wingers, It is the skewed media that sows the one and ignores the other, You are all touting this one example and even here you ignore important facts. The supremacists had a licence to parade, the left wingers did not. One was a parade, the other a riot. The riot was organized, the murder was not.You apply guilt by association whenever it is convenient. Again, it is the left who riots and the media who ignores those riots. Regardless of the euphemisms that you all try so hard to use - they are a MOB.

@CarolinaGirl60 I just noticed. Zero accountability? Absolutely right. left wingers riot and hardly anybody even hears about. The right does not riot and as hard as the media tries, they cannot show what is not there.

You still didn’t address my question: should folks like the KKK or Westboro Church just march and spread terror without ANY opposition? Would you agree that ANY ‘group’ should take to parading and the ‘answer’ is for the opposition to stay home?! ? Women, LGBT, people of color, Muslims, BLM, satanists...yeah. The right wing should just stay away while others march/protest. That’s a workable solution?. Not gonna happen. Can you find an example where the left extremists have protested...but the right stayed away, in their homes/etc, doing and saying nothing?

One problem I have with conservatives is that ya’ll think YOUR rights are more important than the rights of others, especially where it’s First Amendment issues.

Statistics on which ideologies have committed more violence are widely available from credible sources. Blaming ‘media’ is a cop-out conservatives now use as a crutch when they have no argument left to make.


Truth be told there, and I for one am tired of being silent, being an atheist/agnostic surrounded by religious fanatics is bad enough.

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