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I am going to spend some time to update these old characters that I had designed for a tabletop RPG campaign setting. Now, I am looking at bringing them into my current style.

What do you think of these? What are your critiques? What emotions do you get from them?

Thanks as your input is very much welcome.

MissTrey 4 Dec 7

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Each one of these was designed as a specific "divine being" within an an animal and clan based pantheon. So, the stain glass effect is an excellent thing to notice about each one. As for the eroticism of the first serpent picture. Okay, I will soften the colors and put in shading. I am going to take out the backgrounds and special effects. I am going to try and add in the rest of their bodies as well.

Any other thoughts? And all of the previous comments were much appreciated. I will add or lessen the appeal for all of these characters.


I have the drawing ability of a 3rd grader. Stick figures FTW.


Not my cup


All the hard outlines and vibrant colors make them look like stained glass windows. Perhaps, introduce some shading and soften the outlines with intermediate colors.

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