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An Epiphany of Feeling change from a 4 egg breakfast to plant based diet.

EdEarl 8 Dec 9

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Yeah, but is life without bacon worth living longer?


My father died of colon cancer at age 51. I was 24. Immediately I eliminated from my diet all preserved and processed meats (ham, bacon, sausage, salami, etc.) Forty years ago, we knew it causes cancer. I don't miss it.
"The International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC) report in is a robust one. Much more than a single study, it is called a meta-analysis- a study of studies- evaluating 800 public papers. Twenty-two experts from 10 countries conducted the work and then voted on what finding to issue.

"Those finding state that 40 grams of processed meat per day - one hot dog or about six pieces of bacon- raises the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.

"The World Health Organization (WHO) officially identified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning the quality of the evidence firmly links it to cancer. Red meats fare little better, falling into Group 2A, foods or substances that probably cause cancer- a category that includes the toxic pesticide DDT, the chemical weapon mustard gas, and the insecticide malathion."

Time Magazine, November 9, 2015

@LiterateHiker no thank you.


Tapeworms could be Americas best hope for the overweight segment.

In capsule form,"Miracle weight loss from one simple pill"?

@Mike1947 weirder stuff has happened..

@Veteran229 I remember old ads about "Atomic" (Radiation) treatments,and some of the really strange uses of electricity for "Cures".

@Mike1947 lol yeah. Well they do use radiation cancer treatment.

@Veteran229 As Dr. McCoy would say, "Barbaric!"

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