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At least we didn't waste money on food stamps. From what I understand, these are all disabled.


TheGreatShadow 9 Dec 9

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What follows is information regarding this speech.

Yup. And also beware the government/banking complex, and now the healthcare/industrial complex.


They have swapped the A-10 between Navy and Air Force half a dozen times depending on war situations. they have also decomissioned them, maybe twice. Such and effective aircraft, it keeps getting resurrected. That 20mm gatling gun on the nose is such a beast.

Food stamps didnt win WW1 and WW2. Food assistance did nothing but destroy Somalia even more.

If making, fighting and winning wars is all that matters, then you are somewhat correct.

@jlynn37 Thats what military equipment is supposed to be for. Maybe I am just old school and do not care for the policing force they turned the military into.

WWII wasn't paid off until G.W. Bush was in office.

@TheGreatShadow and the interstate highway system still isnt paid for. Which was created for quick military deployment across the nation. Same as the autobahn in Germany. WW2 was half paid for by selling bonds to the public, and not using the printing press. Bonds are an investment, printing press is secret tax through dollar devaluation.

@Veteran229 War bonds and CDs are a joke. However, the interstate is under constant construction. We have over a 20 trillion dollar debt as of right now. Mostly war.

@TheGreatShadow War and social programs are 90% of the debt. Technically social programs can be defaulted with lesser impact than war debt. War debt is owed to business. Those will collapse without that debt being asset. Social service defualt has no bearing other than damaging the credit rating of the US. It can be defaulted which screws the people, but there is no money there anyways just iou's. It would shore up the books and show real losses versus paper stability.

@jlynn37 Nuclear warfare is a zero sum gain. Odds are it will never happen. But an all out high body count war like WW2 could still happen. That means all these old aircraft and tanks could be comissioned easier than trying to contract and build new, like WW2.

@Veteran229 Good Marine buddy of mine just got out maybe half a year ago. He had 200 tanks that did not move since he got there.

@TheGreatShadow you can be caught with your pants down or pants up. Rather have them up.

@Veteran229 Let's face it. Military spending is far out of control.

@TheGreatShadow Military or defense spending?


Just in case you don't understand the difference.

@Veteran229 The base I was talking about is in the US. I don't need 200 tanks that never move for the same reason I don' t go deer hunting with a Browning BMG.

@TheGreatShadow 29 Palms? My friends son is their now. Track vehicle mechanic.

@Veteran229 I want to say it was in Tennessee. Not going to bug him. He just went through a divorce.

@TheGreatShadow Palms is in CA.

@Veteran229 Far, far away. I don't think he was ever stationed on the West Coast. I do have a friend that is stationed in CA right now. I'll ask her.

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