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Just about finished reading "The Bible For Dummies". It's a lot of genealogy and history. The non supernatural part is fairly interesting.

AgnoJer 5 Feb 15

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It's a good idea to be literate about the Bible and theology if you're going to engage with believers. I have a year of Bible Institute under my belt from right after high school and some of the things that some of my fellow atheists think about the Bible and Christianity are cringe-inducing. For example it's very common to claim, needlessly, and falsely, that the Bible is so corrupted over eons of translation that we have no idea what it originally said. An even worse and more ignorant notion that probably is based of this corruption idea is that people claim that we are now reading translations of translations. They have no idea how manuscript copying, textual criticism or translations were done.

The Bible is so full of falsehoods, errors, internal inconsistencies and morally reprehensible ideas and so clearly the work of humans, that we don't need to prove that it's been corrupted. It was BS to begin with anyway.


I though all the bibles were for dummies?


Definitely do a "reality check" though. Buybullical history even contradicts itself and any said "histories" vary greatly from any otherwise known "reality".

Definitely! The guys who wrote the book seem to be pretty objective and give no indication of holding the bible up as any kind of holy, infallible document. Richard Dawkins may even approve this one.

I may have to give it a skim much on my plate to be doing any reviews though!


You should read the real one. It's a pile. :'D
It is an interesting read though, the bible.

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