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I'm pretty happy to have found a forum to let go of some of the stuff I feel building up inside. It's good to let it all go in some form or another either today or from time to time. It's gotta go somewhere. You have to be able to direct the energy, because, after all, that is what it is, somewhere. Even if it is at random, never-met, nobodies, like yourselves, on the internet. Thanks for reading/watching.... smile009.gif

By DenSki4
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Everyone is a nobody. No one is more special than the last smile001.gif.


It is good to have an online forum of agnostics. Geographically we are often few and far between.

JamesRN Level 3 Dec 25, 2018

I'm somebody! Just like everybody else...which makes me feel like a nobody. smile003.gif


Yeah nobodies? I feel judged...

Denker Level 7 Dec 22, 2018



Agreed, and you never know where even the smallest spark unleashed in the quietest corner may one day start a fire. The important thing is to say it to someone or it dies.

Fernapple Level 7 Dec 22, 2018
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