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Yup, I find that paradoxical also

Slava3 7 Jan 2

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Uncle Sam lies for rope he called dope


Follow the money. Originally, it cut into (among other industries) the paper and textile industry, now those lobbies are not so strong,


Prohibition of weed started with Harry Anslinger, a former prohibition agent who mostly just wanted a cushy job arresting people for getting intoxicated. A couple years after the repeal of alcohol prohibition, he went before a House committee and told a bunch of ridiculous lies of potheads committing atrocities. So Congress just banned the stuff instead of actually investigating. 85 years later, we're just crawling out from under that load of crap.


Go away Troll.

See how well prohibition worked. If there is a market, someone will sell. We may as well make it safer for everyone and get tax revenue by legalization or at least decriminalization.


Because there is money in it.


They lied. It's always been about profit. Being the dealer is more profitable.


Why the fuck are you flooding the site with post after post and not sticking around to comment?


JimG Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

Because I have rarely anything further to say. Thank you for giving me an opportunity now , I expect better from an admin of a site. Foul language is not what I expected to find here, but an intelligent discussion.

@Slava3 Posting a meme is far from intelligent discourse. What do you have to support your claim? Is it not possible that scientific understanding has advanced? Or that maybe we are overcoming the prejudices that led to the classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug? If that is your goal why not contribute? You've made about 20 posts, and gotten numerous responses, but never replied to them.

As to the foul language its the only thing that elicited a reply.

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