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So I'm at the store in my hometown on New Year's Day and see this truck in the parking lot. My friend is in the store so I text her these pics. She comes out of the store and describes a man inside that she bets owns this truck. We waited for him to come out and yes he was the guy with the fake coonskin hat and two different color shoes, clearly wants attention. We had a good laugh, until I thought about it later and of all the people in the store that day he was probably one of those with a gun on him. Scary! I live in a town of about 5000 people maybe.
It's clear that he wasn't satisfied when he ran out of room on the back of his truck he has put some boards on the sides now to attach more messages to. I reported him to the police, not that he has done anything wrong but it is pretty hateful, they need to know he's around if something does happen.

Ktcyan 7 Jan 3

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A guy like this in Florida with similar sentiments SHOT MANY STRANGERS with his weapons. ...they bust scientologists for less fraudulent claims. ...this guy thinks Ruuusssshhaaaaah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss is a "liberal" too soft on Sandra Fluke and gynecologists removing half centimeter blastocytes not even an embryo doing a d&c = babies? We all know an acorn = giant oak tree


This is something I would expect to see in the south, not so much Minnesota. Having said that, I did see an idiot in San Diego with a similar message, only his van was larger and covered in the shit. They are everywhere. I hope their engines seize up on em! ?

@Davethecave Right, and sadly it is mostly rural everywhere that think in these terms.

@Davethecave Hey where did I go? I'm here! ?


I never knew that element was as strong as it is in Minnesota...

He's a very very lone wolf so he really stands out in a crowd.


That's a lot of hate, that if already showing in outward statements using words, could combust in a deadly way with the right fuel.

The fuel is Smith&Wesson and the ignition switch is a welfare office mosque synogogue UU congregation or Sikh temple. ...he wants to kill us all if we don't get baptized in his NUT BIN

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