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Just for the hell of it, here are some pictures of when I went bush flying in Alaska in 1983. (I'm the guy in the leather jacket.) Part of the time we were over the Knik glacier. We also landed on a sandbar in the river and fished for grayling for a few minutes but didn't catch any. Saw a bald eagle and some moose. It was more awesome than the pictures can show.

Tomfoolery33 9 Jan 5

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Thanks for sharing! Really stunning photos. I would love to see it first hand


wow...those are stunning...


Very beautiful and peaceful . Thank u for posting .


Looks great Tom. We did 2 Alaskan cruises, but didn't go inland. Glaciers are amazing.


Great adventure! Thanks for sharing.

skado Level 8 Jan 5, 2019

It looks pretty awesome.

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