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MissKathleen 9 Jan 6

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Getting things Done!


God, let’s hope!

skado Level 9 Jan 6, 2019

There is a reasonable argument to be made that Pence has worse intentions and more competence with which to accomplish them, but Pence is not mentally unstable. I doubt he would start WW3 just to distract attention from his latest gaff, or to stroke his own ego. I’m not so sure about Trump. I think he needs to be comforted by a straightjacket as quickly as possible, and Pence tolerated until he can be replaced in the next election. I’m also not sure the veep might not be taken out by Mueller as well. Guess who would be President then!



This obsession with impeachment is insane because PENCE WILL MAKE ALL WOMEN HANDMAID breeders pregnant constantly

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