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Received an early morning text from my boss (who's well aware of my tendency to bake away my stress) stating "You're going to quit and start a bakery after this. Please see my email first thing. Sorry to lay it on you, but you've got a great knack for delivering bad news and making people feel good about it."
Dude's got jokes. Lucky for him, a good challenge makes me a little giddy. Off to see what awaits me.
I was well warned. Give the man 2 days left to his own devices, and unfortunately a very busy trauma call weekend, and he manages to throw a wrench in the entire week's schedule. Which equates to six rescheduled major surgeries, twice that many minor surgeries, and three full days of clinic patients. My job is to logistically make it all work. He's very lucky to have me. I'm equally lucky he realizes it! ?

Amzungu 8 Jan 7

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I just ran across this old post. I think this is where I first found you.😁

I stand corrected.... I found your reply to my declaration of loving yoga pants. You may have found me?


Were you up to the challenge?

Of course! That's my job. ?


Obviously a great challenge for your nursing skill's bedside manner.


Keep us posted!


Good luck


Probably a joke most bosses know it's illegal to force a person to quit after 2 years of good performance.'ll get the maximum unemployment check for the entire 26 weeks if you cannot get an equal or better job close to home

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