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St. Dennis.... This was on Cult of Weird instagram. Statue is really groovy and i'll have to look into his story.

Lillyfield41 7 Jan 9

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Six miles without a head. Trump must have seen this and figured he could do better.


It is even weirder than you think. voice is produced in the larynx with air pumped by the lungs. Where did the severed head get the pressured air to make his speech (sermon)?


Yeah there's a whole shrine to him in Paris. Conveniently ignores the millions of beheaded martyrs that just lay there dead. Of course that's why he's elevated to the status of saint, he's the one guy who supposedly got an actual miracle ... of course, only for 6 miles, not 7.

Are you suggesting the sixes carried him in his journey and not the sevens??? ha!


Weird. I wonder what the original story was before it morphed into this.
I used to wonder/be amazed why some people believe this stuff, when those same people will admit that legends and stories happen all the time and get bigger and weirder with time and the # of people involved..
The i heard about the flat earthers and i ceased to be amazed lol

i do find the bastardizing of events interesting. my children tell me i live a hyperbolic life and although my recounts of occurrences are colorful, it's not exactly what occurred.

Currently I'm writing historic fiction and it's in that vein. The perception of the masses, or the story that traveled from one's eyes to another's ears isn't necessarily the truth. A previous tale that would not let me rest (and honestly still talks to me) is speculative fiction suggesting a far-out theory is truth and what others believe to be the norm is really society turning a blind eye to circumstances presenting themselves plainly.

I can see now, in reflection over the past six months, that which drives me in my writing is challenging perception. It's an exploration of truth and reception of the story. Does that make sense?

@Lillyfield41 " It's an exploration of truth and reception of the story. Does that make sense?"
... not the reception part? Can you elaborate ?

@hippydog if i give something that you don't take, i'm just speaking gibberish. if i string words together to weave a story and you draw it in, you have received it. on a mass scale, there is a perception that is carried to others who must receive it to pass it on to others.

I won't use this head story as an example because i have not looked into St. Dennis yet. But the fish and bread story of jesus on the beach... he is said to have fed all who came to listen to him with five fish and two loaves of bread. Now, being an inquisitive (and argumentative) christian in my younger days, i will give the bible thumpers a mass gathering on the beach to whom he was preaching. Assume if you will, that one picnic basket with a couple of fish and loaves of bread was opened. If others had brought food and shared it - think music festival, where people just commune and share their stuff - if others opened their baskets, and he spoke for - however long the narcissist needed to speak - while everyone ate, drank, and was merry, it is reasonable that the first who opened their picnic started a rumor that the food became something more than it was. - and then one tells another who tells another - until five re-tellings later has this cat doing something completely supernatural and reproducing bread and fish on the spot from a bottomless picnic basket.

So, reception. If the person hearing about this magic put a stop to it at telling one, the perception of the story teller would be different and the reception from the masses would not occur. I have for - oh my gosh, my daughter is 20 years old and i began exploring this idea when she was born - i have for 20 years, lumped reception along with perception because I believe they go hand in hand although they are different concepts - two sides of the same coin, or the same side of two coins???

@Lillyfield41 interesting!
Like "reception " is the mass "perception"?

@hippydog yes. 🙂


I can just imagine some guy in the back of the crowd shouting, "Speak up! We can't hear you in the back!" And then Dennis raises his head up high, to better project.


There is video of a headless chicken that survived for years by being fed by hand down it's scabbed over dried blood neck THE SAME PERSON who failed to kill it by using a hachet held the poor bird by the wings and slapped it's neck on a chopping block....this marble miracle is complete bullshit


And our current White house, Oval office dickhead. Is a caring and loving individual...wait that is bullsgit too!

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