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I spent 2 hours and zero pennies @ Plano Meditation six hours 10am10pm the cost per month for an entire year meditating there drinking tea there cooking and showering there but no slumber or residing = 130 per month 12 month contract. ...the whole goal is to empty the minds eye erasing all the "pictures" memories pains and thoughts to become this open eyed infant in the adult body beholding the star day and moon planet stars night. ....I am not recommending this Korean POETRY reading place but it is better than xian SCIENCE reading rooms of Doris Day & Mary Baker Eddy AND the evil cult of dead L RON HUBBARD failed fiction writer religion founder of "e meters" and CLEARs

GreenAtheist 8 Jan 10

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The 2 hours is free, I am not sure if they take MASTERCARD but there are 4 in TX 5 NYC 3 CHICAGO 1 Atlanta more in California. ...again YOU CAN GUIDE YOURSELF into this meditative state of nirvana for free....relax, get comfortable in a chair or bed or back rest floor pillow close your eyes chant OHM. .........or do the NA MYU YOU HO REN GYA KYO. ......go baby steps in a labrinth. the free shit. ....donate that kind of money to American Atheists so we can fight all the criminal theocrats on billboards, in courts, on fake news and print American Atheist Press books/pamphlets buttons bumper stickers jewelry razors pins and billboard clothes

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