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McConnell is not sure his caucus will shoot down the Democratic Bill to open the government! Otherwise he would call a vote!

Lorajay 8 Jan 11

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The payroll bill is setting on TrumpOLINIs desk it does not fund agency budgets but all workers get paid working or locked out


McConnell said he will not advance any bill that he knows Trump will not sign. GOP march in lockstep, unlike the Dems.

cava Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

Yeah, republicans fall into lock step like Nazis, while trying to get democrats to come together is more like trying to herd a bunch of house cats.


He is another idiot that should be put out to pasture.


McConnell is just as much responsible for this shutdown as tRump is.They could override any veto if they were allowed to vote .

You completely understand my post. This is McConnell's shutdown!

@Lorajay The real stupid thing is, the Senate passed legislation to keep the government functioning, then Ryan killed it in the House. Ryan leaves, House passes, now Senate won't vote. What a bunch of CRAP!!!!!

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