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... from an NPR broadcast this morning, I understood “... only 60% of the traffic on the internet is “real” people traffic, the other 40% is engineered...” wonder what the stats are on this site????

Soarfeet 7 Jan 12

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Have not recalled any spam but boys here may be selling porn but I blocked them 2 years ago

I’m at 100% “real” people so far ... though , I’ve only met two IRL.

@Soarfeet real life only one in North Carolina too proud to accept my help with her renter lady 3 months behind paying for the other room...we had a lovely weekend 2017 but no reunion agreed to


I think a lot better than average since it is not a site where people usually come to sell things, for one thing.

I agree. Hope they don’t bring in advertisements to this site.

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