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If You Think That The Extreme Right-Wing Loony Tunes Don't Hold Dangerous Worldviews, Think Again.

You really don’t want to get on ultra-extremist ‘Christian’ Theodore Shoebat’s dark side or you’ll end up on his hit list for sure (which probably includes most of the world’s population). His father, Walid Shoebat is just as rabid, but I’ll exclude him since like father, like son and Theodore will give you enough hate for the both of them. The following stories – headlines only given – have been taken from the “Right Wing Watch” website.

Kill These Individuals

*Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Is a Devil Worshipper Who Must Be Put to Death. - Posted 15 August 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Should Be Put to Death for Witchcraft. - Posted 20 May 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: Tomi Lahren Is a ‘Little Nazi’ Worthy of Being Put to Death For Being Pro-Choice. - Posted 20 March 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: ‘Fascistic Bitch’ Ann Coulter Should Be Put to Death for Associating with ‘Fags’. - Posted 15 February 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: Donald Trump Should Be Put to Death for ‘Holding Up that Faggot Flag’. - Posted 31 October 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: ‘Pamela Geller is Worthy of Death’ for Associating with Gays. (Posted 13 September 2016)

*Theodore Shoebat Longs for Days When Marco Rubio Would Be Hung from the Gallows. - Posted 16 August 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Says Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes Should Be Put to Death. - Posted 23 June 2016

Kill the LGBTQ Community

*Theodore Shoebat Says Jesus Is ‘Going to Kill All These Sodomites’ When He Returns. - Posted 11 July 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Hopes More Cops ‘Are Given the Opportunity’ to Kill LGBTQ People. - Posted 20 September 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: Killing ‘Fags’ should not Be Considered a Hate Crime. - Posted 1 May 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: Gay People Are ‘A Vehicle for the Demons’ and Must Be Put to Death. - Posted 31 March 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: National Geographic Publishers Should Be Burned At the Stake for Featuring Transgender Child. - Posted 20 December 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Prays That God Will Guide President Trump to ‘Enact Laws That Will Put Sodomites to Death’. - Posted 9 November 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Supports Violent Vigilante Attacks against Gay Rights Activists. - Posted 8 March 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Says Jesus Would Personally Beat Gays to Death. - Posted 3 February 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: Gay Priests Should Be Put to Death. - Posted 30 November 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Praises Russia, Again Calls for Gays to Be Executed. - Posted 27 October 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: Homosexuality Leads to Cannibalism, Kill Those Who Won’t Submit to Christianity. - Posted 9 October 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Calls for a Global ‘Inquisition’ to Put Gays to Death. - Posted 29 September 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: Force Gays to Submit to Christianity through ‘Death and Strong Suppression’. - Posted 14 September 2015

*[Theodore] Shoebat: Gays Must Be Put to Death before Turning Boy Scouts ‘Into a Nazi-Like Gay Youth Club’. - Posted 24 July 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: Execute Gays and Gay-Accepting Christians. - Posted 1 July 2015

Kill Those Who Are Pro-Abortion

*Theodore Shoebat: ‘Sluts’ Who Have Abortions Should Be Put to Death. - Posted 31 March 201)

*Theodore Shoebat: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Lined Up Before a Firing Squad and Shot. - Posted 24 May 2016

Kill the Muslims

*‘It’s A Biblical Solution’: Theodore Shoebat Says Trump’s Plan to Kill ISIS Families is ‘Exactly What God Commands’. - Posted 18 December 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Hopes President Trump Will Institute a ‘Christian Supremacist’ Society Where Muslims Are Put to Death. - Posted 14 December 2015

Kill the Atheists

*In Wake Of Church Shooting, Theodore Shoebat Says Atheists Must Be Put to Death. - Posted 6 November 2017

Kill All These Others

*Theodore Shoebat Wants Blasphemers Burned at the Stake to Prevent Cannibalism. - Posted 6 January 2016

*[Theodore] Shoebat: Those Killed At Paris Rock Concert Were Devil Worshippers Who Got What They Deserved. - Posted 18 November 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: Everyone at Chick-fil-A Should Be Burned At the Stake. - Posted 4 November 2015

Theodore Shoebat's Other / Related Worldviews

*Theodore Shoebat Wants Freedom Of Religion Outlawed And Atheist Books Burned. - Posted 9 February 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Wants ‘An American Inquisition,’ Hails The Trail Of Tears. - Posted 11 December 2015

*‘I Don’t Believe In Women Voting’: Theodore Shoebat Declares That ‘Women Have No Place In Politics’. - Posted 21 September 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Wants The Government To Send SWAT Teams To Shut Down Yoga Studios. - Posted 22 December 2015

*[Theodore] Shoebat: ‘Cannibalism And Homosexuality And Rape Are All Interconnected’. - Posted 5 November 2015

*[Theorore] Shoebat: Those Killed At Paris Rock Concert Were Devil Worshippers Who Got What They Deserved. - Posted 18 November 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: ‘There Is A Satanic Conspiracy To Stop Trump’. - Posted 14 March 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: ‘Outlaw The Sodomite Before He Outlaws You’. - Posted 4 September 2013

*Theodore Shoebat Unhappy With Nomination Of A ‘Flaming Fag’ To Serve As Army Secretary. - Posted 21 September 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Calls For SWAT Teams To Raid The Homes Of Gay Couples And Seize Their Children. - Posted 15 January 2016

*Theodore Shoebat Says ISIS Is A Gay Cult And ‘Fags’ Want To Molest Children. - Posted 6 March 2015

*Theodore Shoebat: Satan Is Taking Over America With Sharia-Like ‘Sodomism’. - Posted 8 July 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Says That Gays Routinely Rape And Murder Young Boys During ‘Southern Decadence’. - Posted 28 January 2016

*Theodore Shoebat: Victims Of Manchester Bombing Were Pro-Sodomite ‘Sluts’ And ‘Whores’. - Posted 23 May 2017

*Theodore Shoebat: Homosexuality Leads To Cannibalism, Kill Those Who Won’t Submit To Christianity. - Posted 9 October 2015

*Scott Lively Names Anti-Gay ‘Inquisition’ Advocate Theodore Shoebat Among The Anti-Gay ‘Heroes’ Of 2015. - Posted 17 December 2015

*Theodore Shoebat Says Anti-Gay Activists Are Carrying Out ‘An Inquisition’ To Get Him To Renounce His Extremist Views. - Posted 9 March 2016

Personal Note: IMHO, the $64,000 question is why hasn’t Theodore Shoebat been arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for hate crimes, say by inciting or stirring up others to kill Shoebat’s targets? I mean the dude just oozes out pure hatred. IMHO he’s got a real mental health issue.

johnprytz 7 Jan 16

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1.) Theo seems rather confused about who he hates;
2.) Theo is probably sitting in his closet as he obsesses over anal sex;
3.) Looks like Theo lost interest early 2017.

Why hasn't he been arrested? He's apparently committed no crime. This is America. You can hate at will verbally, and as loud-n-proud as you want. There's no crime in being a dickhead.

He very likely does have mental health issues. In sane countries, places that are truly civilized, he'd likely be treated for such issues. Again, this is America. Where batshit crazy meets no body gives a shit till people die.


Maybe because the evangelicals who run the country now agree with him.

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