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I like the song ‘Dixie’ even though I don’t agree with the Confederate cause. My excuse. Number one: it was written by a northerner. Number two: it was one of Lincoln’s favorite songs and he was the south’s worst enemy! And number three: Yankee Doodle was written by the British before Americans made it their own. So if that can be done with Yankee Doodle, that can also be done with Dixie. I think it’s a cheery tune honestly.

By MrControversy7
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General Grant, who was extremely un-musical (he couldn't even march in step at West Point), once said the he could only recognize two songs. One was "Dixie" and the other one wasn't.


LOL... at the "" nationalism, but seriously, Lincoln was NOT "The south's worst enemy", to the contest, had that nut job not murdered Lincoln the history of this would most likely talen a much more positive turn. Lincoln was against reprisals, and wanted to heal the nation.

With all due respect, have you done your own reasearch, or do you rely on provided opinions as to know what the "Confederate cause" was?

Keep in mind, when accepting what others tell you, that the USA celebrates Columbus Day, when in fact Columbus never discovered anything that he didn't rape, rob, enslave, and plunder. Also, Columbus never stepped foot in North America.


The joke about Yankee Doodle was that the "feather in his cap and callled it Macaroni" part was intended as an insult. Like taking offensive epithets and turning them around to be used by the groups they were intended to insult, Yankee Doodle may be the greatest example of re-engineering an insult ever.

Deiter Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

It was written by a black songwriter from New York

According to Uncle Google, it was by Daniel Decatur Emmett and he was maggot white. It was a minstrel tune.


You don't need 'excuses' to like something.


I love Tomorrow Belongs To Me, the anthem of the Nazi Youth. If you take it out of its nazi context it can apply to anything and be really inspirational.

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