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I was a short story writer in my 20s. Any authors out there. How do you start?

By michaelj7
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You sit down. You stand up. You pace the floor, you walk around. You find the focus and motivation and lose the distraction as best you can.

Honestly, I write poems as a workout. A warm up routine, if you will. Stream of consciousness. Just trying to get words from brain to fingertip. I have often found that being in the right headspace is key. I'm easily distracted...

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
~John Lennon

Good luck! And FFS, WRITE already! smile007.gif

My usual method was "the false start". Just start writing. Stream of thought. Start over , get mad. Start again. After about 10 or 12 false starts it would take and the story would unfold


<---Published author. Everyone's path is different.

  1. Have been a voracious reader since childhood. I inhale books like oxygen.

  2. Wrote personal journals for years.

  3. When my daughter was born, I wrote funny stories about Claire's first five years in journals. She loves it.

  4. Each week, I wrote letters to my mother about silly things that happened.

  5. Wrote a popular monthly column for the Wenatchee Business Journal for eight years. Deadlines came up fast. This honed my ability to write succinctly and tell stories.

  6. My first book was published in 2008. To my surprise, my manuscript was accepted by the first two publishers to whom I sent it.

  7. Don't quit your day job.

Sorry if this is info you've provided in the past, but I'm wondering why you don't plug your book here? I am also a voracious reader and would love to know.


No, I have not posted this before.

From Community Guidelines:

"Don't post anything commercial. If you think there is something that the community wants to buy, send it to us first smile001.gif"

@LiterateHiker got it.


I can make long story short!


You need a book called Writer's Market (unless you're talking about the creative process instead of making money)

Orbit Level 7 Jan 29, 2019

I am talking about the creative process

@michaelj the war of art was insightful.


There is a group here for that. smile009.gif[]

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