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A good clarification of a topic I've seen bandied about on here.

Tomfoolery33 9 Jan 30

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I'm sure if there is toxic masculinity, there must be toxic femininity. Some people say no. Some say toxic femininity is responsible for the ills of toxic masculinity because the toxic female, instead of being some kind of abuser, is defined as a woman who is so passive that she brings it on herself.



Rolling my eyes....yes, I said it

Not sure how you mean that.

@tnorman1236 the whole toxic thing is just a bunch of non sense. Can we start calling out women for nagging like there is no tomorrow as a toxic thing too? It's not against you my friend, is just how I feel with all these "ideas" going around now a days

@IamNobody Sorry, but I disagree. Whatever problems women have are for them to figure out. Toxic masculinity is a real thing that cripples some men.

@IamNobody And toxic masculinity also affects women very negatively, and causes problems for them.

@tnorman1236 I understand all that, the truth of the matter is that there are good and bad people at both genders. Why isn't that enough? Why do we need additional customized redundant definitions?

@IamNobody True. It's just defining things better and helping to pin down causes.


This is genius! THANK YOU!


Mmmmm. You had me at cheeseburger

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