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this chick is something love a talented fat girl
whiskywoman 8 Jan 31

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all you can get off me im a fat girl and i know how people look at us differently and it warms my heart to see a big girl that rocks it like her and im old ive seen men get fame and fortune and statues and she plays way better so back up pretty people to me its praise and awe at her talent and her confidence and it is different for a woman trust me

@mzbehavin id actually feel diff if a skinny girl said it but she is like me just talented and brave I was gonna be a singer but we all ready had cass can't compete with her


I want to virtue-signal. You get so many likes when you do that.


She's a talented woman. Size is irrelevant.

@Gooniesnvrdie Why would it be anyone's business what her (or anyone else's) health is like?
It's only "relevant" to her.

@Gooniesnvrdie Weight is not an indicator of health. But that is irrelevant to this post. So don't change the subject.

BTW--I am a certified NASM trainer and the author of a book on weight management and fitness with a second book due out in a few months.

I’m curious to learn the principle at work here. Relevant to what?
For whom?

Are you saying it’s wrong for Kathi to enjoy seeing a fat woman onstage displaying talent, or that it’s not current, socially accepted form to say so in public?

How about “girl” (or woman)? Is sex/gender relevant? How about talent? Are we shaming the talentless? I’m not saying I have an opinion different from yours, just wondering how to put the principle that motivated your comment into words. Thanks.

@skado Notice I commented that she is a talented woman. About 14 years ago I weighed 340 pounds. MANY TIMES people would qualify who I was by my size. Like I was some kind of exception for having some skill or ability or talent even as a fat person. Joanna Connor's talents have nothing to do with her weight and it's not exceptional that she can be a talented guitarist as a larger woman.

@skado I will add that when you are fat, particularly a fat woman, our culture does not let you forget it. I had to lose weight to be able to speak for myself and stop my weight defining who I am.

Thanks for responding. I can understand how you might feel.

@Gooniesnvrdie im talking about how often people of size are passed over by people making then feel bad when I see a big girl knock it out of the park im so happy


@Gooniesnvrdie they always say fat is not healthy and I can see that stress on organs and bones is real but I have 7 siblings and im 71 the more normal ones are dead the fat one is still kickin no meds other than alieve my brother is dying now sick as a dog fluid in his gut they can't stop some strange cough he is in bad shape ten yes younger and thin his whole life
health smelth

@Gooniesnvrdie, @mzbehavin thanks it actually was meant as praise

@Gooniesnvrdie ive outlived those health nuts screw that data rather die happy than hungry

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