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I'll be speaking at Sunday Assembly in Chapel Hill on February 10th. Hope to see you there.


Deal33 2 Jan 31

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DK Evens is speaking that day. If that is you sir, any of us who can make it should like to shake your hand. I should say msny as there are some amongst us who embrace atheistic thought but not freedom.


Oh wow, Sunday Assembly is still around? It did not last in Chicago and essentially fizzled out. I always thought it seemed like Sanderson Jones used it to get the notoriety that eluded him as a failed comedian. The whole "help often, wonder more" stuff seemed so dopey.

But I hope you have a good crowd!


I don't think that will go down too well.



Did you write the book mentioned?

I did

That's terrific. I suppose it is the story of your journey out of Christian bondage to a life of truth and freedom. That's a great accomplishment. @Deal33

@nicknotes That is correct. I also talk about religiosity in the Black community and share some of the stories I collected in my book.

It has seemed to me that African Americans are too closely allied with their churches. Many are poor and I suspect they are falsely relying on going to Heaven in an afterlife. It is a terrible fraud that they believe in something that just is not true. @Deal33

@nicknotes Agreed. It is so intertwined with our history it's hard for many of us to let go without feeling like you've turned your back on our history, our people. My book explores religion in our community.


Not very likely.

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