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We were all humans until Race Disconnected us, Religion separated us, Politics divided us and wealth classified us. Do you think this quote is true?

DragonDust 6 Feb 23

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humans evolved gradually, there was never a non human who gave birth to a human, many humans evolved gradually both at the same time and over thousands of years. Migration added to the variations as we adapted to new environments. Politicians are sub human.


I do not. I have managed to get mad at people who were basically carbon copies of myself.

The way I would rephrase it:

>We were all just humans until we got old.

Just the way it is, older we get the more tribal we become. As a whole the mean age of humanity is increasing (thank you antibotics and birth control) which creates the side-effect we have today of humanity getting more tribal. Watch kids, they readily form friendships. Watch the elderly they readily form armed camps.

Anyone who thinks we become more tolerant and accepting as we age has never met a fox news viewer.

To be fair a lot of people watch stuff like that as if they're all speaking in satire.


It would have been something else eventually if not for those things. You think cavemen didn't have the same problems with different reasoning?


Yeah that sounds about right. Sadly I think it has become an inherent quality of mankind to identify differences to isolate others and push ones self up. Kids can innocently start the cycle and become quite brutal towards others. I have a son, now 35 that was born differently abled and through his eyes I have constantly seen a very ugly side of humanity.


Unfortunately yes,There may be hope if the young are able to dispell the control of the evangelicals and provide rational thought to living in society.

Rational thought must move into rational, well thought out speech. If you can not be debated (and win) than people will not change. Like knowing about something can be amazing... Like Star-dust? That's pretty cool right? Chickens evolved from dinosaurs.
Or as I say tell a his intelligence is based on climbing a tree and watch the fish make scuba suits.
Of course we all know the judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree and it will live its whole life thinking its stupid. Me? Well that is logically true. But if I can't climb a tree normally change my surroundings. Just like a space-suit or a regular scuba suit.


I think it is spot on, and that is very bad for the human race! Until everyone realize the negativity religion has played throughout recorded history and that regardless of wealth,color and political views, we all eat shit sleep the same basically, we will never find world peace and harmony! My opinion for what its worth!


It's not an accident either


"Humans are hardwired to get edgy around the Other, but our views on who falls into that category are decidedly malleable." ~ Robert Sapolsky


Absolutely. We seemed to be moving more toward a "species recovery" in the US from the 60's until the Reagan presidency and the resultant empowerment of xians, or at least as they perceived it.

We MAY be moving back to a more humanistic universal viewpoint with the complete failure of the current administration's "personality pundit" and a new generations utter repulsion towards him and all he stands for.

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