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Anybody out there like Electronic Music?
[LA Synthesis] - [Agrphobia]

By Friskycat5
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The last one: You've got to know this one. Not all electronic but it's a monster IMHO. There aren't many soundtracks I'd listen to all the way through. This is one.

Deiter Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

Nice. Surprised Peter Gabriel did this cuz I was expecting to hear In Your Eyes instead. Jk. But in all seriousness, I’m surprised he’d produce a track like this.


Last rabbit hole find: The German granddaddies and those aren't drum machines you're hearing. They didn't exist.

Deiter Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

Ah yes. Trans Europa Express. A total classic. Sorry if that makes you feel old, but I feel my track is also a classic.


More rabbit hole finds: This guy played with Peter Gabriel early in his solo career:

Deiter Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

I'm old. When I hear this I flashback: "Yeah. This isn't unlike [enter rabbit hole here]..."

When I was 18 I worked in a record store. I heard a lot of stuff. This album I'd to hear many, many times. It was kinda a big deal back in the day. His father Maurice was the Godzilla of film composers (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia, etc.):

Deiter Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

I have heard of Jean Michel. On my way to Amsterdam from Iceland I was listening to his stuff. This kind reminds me of Kraftwerk’s Phaedra in its long epic nature. Ever hear of Manual Gottschings E2-E4? A bit repetitive, but I dig it although I can’t listen to the whole thing.

@Friskycat Hadn't heard of Manual Gottschings. I'll check it.

@Deiter Curious know whether you liked it or not. Thanks.


If you read my bio, you KNOW I LOVE EDM! Awesome track! ?

Thanks for listening. And I did read your bio, I’m just not into Tiesto and a lot of EDM. I don’t really feel like arguing genres, but basically, I was going for a sound that wasn’t so EDMish. Don’t get me wrong I love house music and dancing. I hope that makes sense.


I live in Las Vegas, so this type of music is big here. This is not terrible. I like it.

BryanLV Level 6 Feb 2, 2019

"not terrible." lol =) Thanks for commenting.

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