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How do you think you can talk to a theist about something religion based and have yourself not tuned out?
I talk about crazy 'versions' of bible stories and the person soon understands there is multiple versions of the bible. The Jesus screwing a woman who came out of his rib in front of Mary Madeleine on a hill which wasn't that big a deal because she travelled with him. Also the accusations against her were false.
I usually start with human/angel babies being the true reason for Noah's Arc. I don't claim to know everything and go at aspects in a non-shitty way. I talk about Corinthians is where covering your hair comes from and according the Quran Christians and Muslims are supposed to be brothers and both go to heaven.
I also managed to make someone think differently about sexuality and gender in this same fashion.
I haven't attempted to de-convert anyone and honestly don't know if I could. I avoid being tuned out by either listening or telling a story worth listening to.

DragonDust 6 Feb 23

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>How do you think you can talk to a theist about something religion based and have yourself not tuned out?

I know a few bible jokes that religious people actually find funny. I generally don't enjoy arguing with people they are free to believe what they want and it isnt my responsibility to get involved.


Some of the different religious communities have done admiral things. That is usually a safe topic.

JeffB Level 6 Feb 23, 2018

It sounds like it works both ways here...if someone is out converting on the street, I find they are not very interested in hearing anything besides agreements and nods...door to door, I get about 75% who will discuss...priests, even evangelicals, will happily discuss their religion and your views of their religion in every instance that I have had...which is a lot...realize that your interpretation of the bible is just 'another interpretation'...I guess it just helps not to be a dick when talking to them....haha

One side can talk about what he/she believes is family history and the other can hear a story and share information that the other didn't know about that. It isn't that hard to what if without pissing people off. One person learning, the other learning about the theoretical powers of Harry Potter.

@DragonDust I was unaware that J.K. Rowling believed her character's to be non-fictional (such a horrible analogy...haha). The world is full of intangibles. When we attack people's intangibles, whatever they may be, it shouldn't be too surprising that you get a negative response. And you aren't trying to learn from them, you are just trying to attack their beliefs, because 'you' (the royal 'you'😉 believe that you're system is better than their system, which is just being a zealot.

@DragonDust not sure why the damn imoji popped up in was unintentional.

@JohnnyThorazine That's fine 🙂. A lot of people legitimately thought her work was witchcraft. I am pretty certain she is pretty sure that she is aware that it is not and is a work of fiction. I see little difference between the religions and fantasy-fiction novels though it is less geographically locked. Some people still believe in Chinese or Greek gods. I think of that as fiction.

@DragonDust I think that is the key....we need to be aware that it is what we think...and other people have what they think...all of us are afraid to let go of this life (well, the overwhelming majority of us), and we all deal with it in different ways. What is real or not real when it comes to the intangibles is left up to individual interpretation. Hail Quetzalcoatl!...hehe

@JohnnyThorazine That is... Hilarious 😀


I like Bill Moyer's approach of just asking, "do you actually believe this?"

I won't stand around if they're going on about how "real" the faith is however. They are not yet ready to face reason and perhaps they are so indoctrinated they never will.

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