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I just ordered an air fryer. For those of you who have one, do you have any tips or favorite recipes? Is there anything you'd avoid cooking in them? Have you ever cooked bacon in it?

orange_girl 8 Feb 3

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I don't have one because a good friend bought one and said that so far the only thing half-way decent is the french fries. If I'm going to eat french fries, I'm going to eat ones that have been fried. She's been really disappointed with hers.

I’m hoping it’s good for cooking veggies.


I had one but was not a big fan of it. I don't know if I never quite got the hang of it (I like to cook - salmon tonight!) or that is just the way it is. I know others who have them and swear by them, but I never managed to get the knack for making things turn out well. I decided I was better off baking some of the things that I might fry.

Ohub Level 7 Feb 3, 2019

Is it one of those that use a tiny bit of oil or none at all? You must let us know how the chips (French fries) taste. I used to think about getting one but they were quite expensive at the time.

Unfortunately, I don't eat potatoes (see comment above). I will post with other results, though!

I'm not sure if it will use oil or not. I'll be sure to post back.


These types of trends bother me....
It’s not a fryer, it’s just a small convection oven.
As someone that worked as a chef, before my career change, this air fryer craze is making me crazy!!!

Might as well call an oven a microwave.

Thanks for letting us know

Thank you!

I was wondering about this. My original thought was to find a way to cook bacon that wasn't messy!

What I recommend is a commercial grade half sheet pan. Put down a piece of parchment and lay down your bacon. Bake at 350 spin it a few times. Takes about 15-20 mins.

Take off the bacon and pour off the fat. The parchment lifts off and you don’t even have to wipe it down.

You can make it super crispy this way evenly.

@darthfaja I'm going to do a web search for this kind of pan to see if it's the kind I have (I doubt it). I've tried repeatedly to bake bacon and I don't like how it turns out. I can't quite put my finger on it--it's partially the texture and I swear it tastes differently! Perhaps it was because I didn't spin it?

@orange_girl nah you probably just don’t enjoy it that way. But it’ll turn out similarly in the ‘air fryer’ cough
Have you ever had it deep fried?
Otherwise you can pan fry it.

What kind of bacon do you enjoy?

@darthfaja In your opinion, what's the best brand? Does more expensive usually mean better? I cook a fuck-ton of bacon, so I need to figure out a better way than the stove top!

@darthfaja Ah-ha--it never occurred to me to deep fry it! I love all kinds of bacon. I buy from the deli, because they have thick cut and it's raised locally.

I don’t typically buy branded food if I can help it.
Find a local butcher if you’re able.

Otherwise I buy preservative and hormone free free range bacon. I like it thick and Smokey.....

Oof... that’s what she said...

@orange_girl deep frying rocks
But do it outside
Super messy and explodes when it hits the fryer
Also drain the oil after use the bacon fat spoils.

@darthfaja I have a small little deep fryer . . . could I use that (inside)? Isn't it OK to keep bacon grease in the fridge?

@orange_girl I don't know if it’s safe
We have big ass fryers and hoods for safety
It could be messy and dangerous.
Try one piece and see what happens.
Use good clean oil

@darthfaja I'll try that and see...I've only used it once to make bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks and it was messy.

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