6 6 maybe I'm the last one to see it but if you haven't seen Ronald Reagan's son do his commercial for which he closes with "not afraid to burn in hell" it aired on Colbert last night...

By lerlo7
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I'm not trying to be funny but he looks just like the strawman in the Wizard of Oz.


I'm a member. Great organization!

zesty Level 7 Feb 18, 2019

I laugh every single time they run it......totally cracks me up. Do you think Nancy and Ronald are literally spinning in their graves? smile001.gifsmile009.gif

Lavergne Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

Excellent. It's good to see a 'celebrity' express his beliefs for everyone to see. He looks just like his Mama.


I expect in about 10 years we will see videos of Barron Trump speaking about wealth inequality and climate change.

Dietl Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

That would be great... And maybe he will change his name, poor kid, Barron? Really?


Nice. Always liked him.

Anonbene Level 8 Feb 6, 2019
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