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What do you call it when your niece has her first baby...I am Great Auntie...whatever...i call him beautiful. Welcome to the world baby boy!!

Dandewine 7 Feb 8

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Perfect! Congratulations!


Someone besides the baby needs a bib!


Enjoy, Great Auntie!


Beautiful! Those eyes are hypnotic. Congratulations!


And ta think? We looked like that once!

I was never that cute

@Amisja Me neither!


Wow look at those eyes. He's been here before as my Grandma would have said. Congrats great auntie xx


I'm swooning..those eyes look just like his Mom's..



I'm an 8-time great-aunt. It's awesome.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

I know I will because I love my niece and husband and already fell in love the kid. Look at that face!!!


oh goodness!!! Enjoy being an great aunt or tia...I have eight nephews and two nieces...and now they have kids so I am also a great auntie as well!

I can see some major spoiling from Great Aunt Tara!

You know it!


Was in labor for 18 hours before having c section. Samson is 7lbs 12oz 20 1/2 inches long born last night 1152pm

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