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It's sorta funny, the other day someone I know started a conversation about the touchie feely pedo catholic priests. Having been raised and beaten as a catholic during the late 50's early 60's I was able to share with him some of my daily beatings from the fine sisters at St. Barts.
But I have to say I was never touched by a priest other than a fist to the forehead for not getting a haircut in my brief time at North Catholic high school.
Once while in a confessional at about 9 yrs old a priest asked me if I fondled myself!
I ran out slamming the door behind me and was back in class in time to get under my desk for an air raid drill during the Cuban missile crisis.
When I finished my story he was shocked since he was a millennial and had no idea what took place back in those days, I could write a book!
Hmmm, maybe I will.
I was also an evangelical for a very short time, the tongue talkers totally freaked me out.
Oh what a man will do for a woman!

By MikeCE14
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I was a strange kid, I'm probably a strange adult also. One of my strange reactions is I get truly incensed when I am hit. When I was 12, a nun hit me. I hit her back, hard. I was asked not to return, which was fine with me.

Bobby9 Level 8 Feb 9, 2019

Oh so sorry for your experiences. I worked with a woman who was one of 18, her mother drank and her father was a farm labourer here in North West England. When she ran home and told her Mum the priest had touched her inappropriately, her Mum belted her and told her to keep her gob shut telling her, "you wanna eat don't ya?". As a rather spoilt young woman from a non-believing background, I was horrified.

Amisja Level 8 Feb 9, 2019

I have say the worst I ever experienced was a girl who sat in front of me, I could never forget her name. We were kneeling for first prayers when Thereasa raised her hand because she had pee. Sister told her to put her hand down, Therease said but sister, "I said put your hand down!"
The poor girl couldn't hold it and it was running towards me, I was backing up on my knees when I heard her freak'n rosary beads hitting the desks as she came storming down the aisle. She picked me up off the floor from my sideburns shaking me and calling me a brazen article. When she saw what poor Thereasa did she picked her up by the back of her uniform, mopped the floor with her then tossed her across the room onto of desks and the other kids! That was in 6th grade the lady was a total senile, bipolar witch!

@MikeCE1 That is unforgivably cruel. My heart goes out to you.


Yeah - I have a few of those stories from the 70s and 80s... Had a priest suggest that I’d encouraged the guy who abused me when was 9...asked if my big brother would have let that happen to him. Was only years later I realised what a truly appalling thing that was to say

Used to get beaten a bit by the priests at school but not the vicious beatings I hear others talking about.

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