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Berlin - You Don't Know

For those of us who enjoy making love with music on, here's one from my playlist. ?

Thunderstorms are the best time to make love through: candlelit room, this song playing low in the background, glistening bodies making passionate love, moaning, kissing...


I love Terri Nunn's voice!?

SleeplessInTexas 8 Feb 9

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One of my favorites from Berlin. No More Words got me hooked on Berlin. Ran into what looks like a new piece by them (did they really get back together?): Animal


I love music, but the power of a good storm is irresistible at the right time/place with the right person. Once a good night kiss turned into a show for people on their commute. You have to go with the moment.


Utterly awesome band in so many ways!

As an example, if you just want hot, sweaty...


If you want to go classical Ravels Bolero starts slowly and comes to a rousing climax


Owwww i want to see the video but it is not available to my country?

It seems it's not available in India too...

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